“Calling All Music Connoisseurs: Be Part Of The Revival” Flying Vinyl Review


We have seen all the phases, new technologies and formats within the music industry: from tapes to CDs, to digital download and online streaming. But only one musical format has made a full return to relevance, decades after the end of its cycle, and that is vinyl.

The marketing of vinyl has been transformed through competitive pricing, promo events and new, modern features such as a digital download included with single or LPs. This has all resulted in a music format that should be redundant due to its antiquity, becoming evermore current and popular amongst both the older generation and the new generation of music lovers. As of 2014, vinyl records have gone from being responsible for just £3 million to £20 million of the industry’s revenues in just a few short years. Personally, the pleasure of purchasing vinyl over digital downloads is this archaic charm, it’s the value of being able to hold your music as you would a piece of art, rather than just clicking a button to access an intangible file on your computer.

If you enjoy alternative forms of listening to music, and would like to be involved in this rad musical revival then Flying Vinyl will be your best investment.

For just £20 a month (with free P&P), Flying Vinyl presents you with everything important a music connoisseur could ask for: five singles of unreleased music from a myriad of up and coming alternative artists (both unsigned and signed to independent labels) exclusively pressed on vinyl, personally designed to be packaged and sent to your home.

With a similar ethos to ‘Blind Date with a Book’, the best part about this admittedly strange scheme is the choice of artists, and the well kept element of surprise. With an assortment of indie pop, grunge, shoe gaze and more, you end up receiving a beautifully packaged, handpicked, tangible playlist of artists and bands that may not necessarily have been on your radar already, but certainly will be afterwards – right on your doorstep!

This is what the vinyl revolution is all about right? A sense of community and the feeling of getting a different musical experience than just clicking onto Spotify and loading the most recent hits playlist everyday. Since signing up to this scheme, I have had the pleasure of discovering bands such as Beach BabyThe Big Moon, and Oh So Quiet.

It’s important to expand and challenge your musical taste, and Flying Vinyl will make you appreciate a variety of alternative genres that you not have been as keen to listen to if it weren’t for it being personally picked and exclusively pressed just for you.

So be proud of your ever-growing collection, and go out there and discover more music, beyond the simplistic and rigid barriers of regurgitated chart music.

For more information, and to sign up to a great service for a mere £20 of your student loan, go to Flying Vinyl

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