HINDS Live at The Boileroom


Here’s a live review of HINDS with support by Oscar written for thnksfrthrvw

Date: 23/06/15 – The Boileroom, Guildford



With his old-school baritone voice, front man and part-time crooner Oscar Scheller could tell you anything and you would believe it. And after releasing his new aptly named EP ‘Beautiful Words’ the day before, the band sauntered onto the stage full of energy that did not cease to flow throughout the set. With the stream of light-hearted riffs and playful beats, the crowd could not help but move, especially with the band bouncing around the stage throughout.

Oscar’s ability to smoothly transition from snappy indie pop songs such as ‘Sometimes’ to cool ska-reggae tunes showcased the band’s diversity regarding both talent and influence. For half of the set, front man Oscar was joined by the sweet and almost flirtatious voice of Florence, resulting in charming harmonies similar to that of Flyte. Even though it is still early days for this London group, they managed to fill the room with their huge sound and engagement with the audience brilliantly no matter what they were playing.

For fans of: Hannah Lou Clark, Beach Baby, Flyte

Rating: 3.5/5



If this set had to be summed up in one phrase, it would have to be pure, unadulterated fun. Hinds, formally known as Deers, formed an instant, almost tangible connection with the crowd; the kind that draws you in and refuses to let go. Even though they are certainly going up in the world, with support spots for the likes of The Vaccines and a Glasto slot coming up this weekend, you could still see the looks of shock and surprise across the room as Hinds emerged on the stage and began playing, with more girl power and indie-rock hooks than you could ever wish for. They even had a couple of tricks up their sleeve, including a Kazoo solo on their first track and a guest appearance by Arnie from the Vaccines, a huge fan and friend of the group, who joined the girls on stage for a song half way through their set.

You could not say that this band has perfect song writing, with some rather monotonous and generic songs dotted around the set. However, this was more than compensated for by the group’s utterly captivating stage presence, with all members bouncing off each other brilliantly. Within Hinds, each distinct voice comes together and resonates through each track with such grace, while still keeping that cool, effortless impression running throughout. The girls really got the crowd moving in the second half of their set, with songs such as ‘I can take you dancing’, with their irresistibly funky riffs and raw vocals, but the pinnacle of the set had to be ‘Davey Crockett’, here, it was lovely to see the girls’ Spanish roots expressed and accompanied by an old-school Spanish style guitar and playful lyrics. Hinds have started off with what the likes of Hiam have got, and have gone to a whole new place with it, resulting in a visible connection between the girls themselves as well as with the audience. This dynamic band perfectly suited the Boileroom, and are not one to miss at Glastonbury.

For fans of: Honeyblood, Alvvays, Girlpool

Rating: 4/5

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