Nimmo Live at the Boileroom

Here’s a live review of Nimmo with support by THOSS written for thnksfrthrvw

Date: 30/09/2015 – Boileroom, Guildford



The five-piece band came on stage and earned their place on it instantly with “I’m the best for you”. Front man Tom serenaded the crowd his low bassey notes, which would then be accentuated by the guitarist and drummers’ voices to create a huge, holistic choral sound that got the audience intrigued from the start. Thoss’s energetic vibe was conveyed throughout the set, with hits such as “Back to the eye of the storm” and “I miss the lonely nights”. The latter consisted of a curiously motown/jazz feel from the drums and bass guitar, perfectly juxtaposed by the font man’s modern and distinct voice and made even more memorable with satisfying indie hooks and electric riffs.

Thoss introduced us to their newest single “Swing” which is now available on Soundcloud and YouTube. With romantically melancholy vocal sounds and an enchanting acoustic chorus this track is sure to be an up and coming hit.

It’s quite clear that Thoss are a relatively new band, not because of their song writing ability or sound but their clearly awkward stage presence and lack of chemistry between each member. With the keyboardist and bassist hidden away in the corner, the visual performance of the set gave a tense and uncomfortable impression to the audience. However, sparks between band members and connections with audience members are things that can be achieved and progressively built up as the band gets more gigging experience and public exposure. The hardest part is creating an exciting, memorable sound and they’ve already got that part down.

Rating: 3/5

For fans of: Flyte, Mumford and Sons, Bombay Bicycle Club




Nimmo surged onto the stage in a burst of energy that exploded across the floor, got all of the audience out of their seats and to the front in order to witness the intriguing sound of this female-duo fronted electronic-pop sensation.

One of the front woman, Sarah made a welcoming connection with the crowd early on, stating that this was their first time in Guildford and that she was losing her voice, apologising in advance. However this did not show in the slightest, perhaps due to the flawless collaboration between all members of the group or their magnificent stage presence demonstrated throughout the set, emitting pure energy to the rest of the room.

Stunning harmonies between the main singers Sarah Nimmo and Reva Gauntlett frequent in the set, especially in their newest hit “Dilute this” which is now available on Spotify, The group manage to create enchanting atmospheric sounds and hypnotising vocals similar to that of Man Without Country but then take it to the next level with classic EDM/house beats and guitar riffs reminiscent of the beloved xx.

Nimmo undoubtedly have the sort of sound that needs a room packed with a young lively crowd who will give the group the hyped reaction they deserve. The crowd tonight were definitely more physically engaged with Nimmo than with their main support but it was still frustrating to witness how stubbornly static the audience members were, especially when they were being played music that leaves you with no excuse not to get up and dance. However, the London group dealt with this very well. Just when you thought songs such as “He’s so alive” had come to their natural ending, Nimmo would bring it all the way to the top again out of nowhere and hit you with another body-tingling drop.

They might not have known it, but Nimmo were just what Guildford needed, a breath of fresh, revitalising air. They are making what can, at times, be a relatively dull and monotonous music genre into the exciting and uplifting experience it should be. Hopefully this group will be getting the manic, energetic audience it deserves soon as they continue to grow and tour the country.

Rating: 5/5

For fans of: Man Without Country, Eagles For Hands, London Grammar


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