EP REVIEW. Black Honey – Headspin

Release date: 6th May 2016

Genre: Indie-rock

I first heard of Black Honey when their single came through my letter box through Flying Vinyl, you could tell from listening to this single that they were definitely fresh-faced and new to the game. But this EP is definitively the next step that they needed to take to secure their leading place in the alternative scene.

The EP starts as it means to go on, energetic and alluring, with the first track, ‘All My Pride’. With true enough lyrics “Haven’t got anything to prove to you”, front woman, Izzy B struts onto this track with her rough-around-the-edges vocals that go so well with the Strokes-esk guitar riffs and rhythmic drum beats. This track oozes the sort of energy that makes you want to dance around the room belting along with the chorus in a whirl of angst and beer.

The next track, Headspin, is more romantic and hypnotic in its deliberately droning notes and delicate pace. This track shows off the oh-so-hard to perfect vocal slurs that Lana Del Rey has pioneered within pop music. The build up is executed with success, as the drums kick in to give the song more ‘umph’ and more psych-rock type guitar sounds start to emerge from the back, forwards. I reckon this track would work very well live.

The Headspin EP then reverts back to the iconic ‘Black Honey sound’ that first attracted me to their music with track three, On Your Time. Blondie-esk vocalist package against good ol’ indie-rock music. The catchy guitar riffs that echo throughout make for an easy-listening mood to be created.

Black Honey then calm things down and move further into this alluring, dreamy direction first explored in Headspin. The first few notes of this song actually reminded me of an old Etta James tune (of all things!) until Izzy B appeared into the song to put her mark on it. This is a stripped back song in terms of instrumental input, but I feel this EP needed a song centered around Izzy’s enthralling voice, and I’m glad it happened. Her words could just suck you in and spit you right out again. 

Overall I think this is a positive move forward for Black Honey, throughout the EP, the band’s journey to discovering their own identity and progress musically is highly evident. I also love the look of the artwork and the 10″ Blood Red Vinyl,  Olivia Savage has sure done an impressive job of making this EP as visually compelling as it is musically.

Rating: 4/5

You can stream and download the EP here

You can pre-order the EP on vinyl here


Baker out.

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