SINGLE REVIEW. James Blake – I Need A Forest Fire

This collaboration is a seamless journey of escapism.

James Blake surprised-released his new album: The Colour In Anything last week and has now released the very minimalist video for hit single I Need A Forest Fire with Bon Iver.

In James Blake‘s first two albums, with hits such as Retrograde, he made a name for himself. He demonstrated his ability to create a deep, soundscape of R&B, lo-fi and ambient components that swallows you and sucks you into a trance. Meanwhile, we have Bon Iver, with two stunning albums showcasing a rare talent that goes miles above the popular standard perceived from their most recognisable hit Skinny Love.

It can be said that these two were a match made in heaven. 

This song opens with a growing landscape of scenic sounds very reminiscent of tracks on Bon Iver’s self-titled album. Justin Vernon‘s voice creeps into the track, giving out a raw, fragile feel that is interrupted just in time for James Blake’s expert bass drop to transform the song into a lo-fi journey. The creative influences of both artists are smoothly shown throughout, while their voices unite to create an melancholic ambience.

This track fits into, and highlights the brilliance of James Blake’s new album perfectly, while also bringing our attention back to Bon Iver’s ability to continue creating beauty in sounds.

Rating: 4/5

The Colour in Anything is out now on Spotify and iTunes.


Baker out

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