TRACK REVIEW. Chvrches – ‘Warning Call’

Chvrches release standalone track for the soundtrack of new video game.

So it’s been a few months since the release of latest album ‘Every Open Eye‘, and just as we were starting to miss the sound of Lauren Mayberry’s iconic voice, they’ve smacked us ’round the face with a surprise standalone track, ‘Warning Call‘.

The song has been released for new video game ‘Mirror’s Edge Catalyst‘, a game about a brave Runner who discovers the hidden truth behind the City of Glass, out on Xbox. With an upbeat electronic backdrop and Mayberry’s escapist lyrics that creates a dystopian undertone, this is exactly the right sort of track to capture an adventurous virtual reality.

Guitarist and vocalist, Iain Cook says this is the sort of thing they wanted to achieve with it: “The sound of Chvrches’ music resonates with the minimalist sci-fi dystopia of the ‘Mirror’s Edge’ world, and we feel that the song complements the drama, emotion and empowering themes of Faith’s story” (via DIY).

Will the success of this track lead to a surge in more Chvrches material being released? Let’s hope so.



Check out the track below:

You can listen to more chvrches magic here


Baker out.

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