LIVE REVIEW. Spring King live at The Boileroom

Date: 20th May

Venue: The Boileroom, Guildford (SOLD OUT)

Main Support: Haize

This is a night that can only be described one way: A big, hot, sweaty mess.

So Manchester boys, Spring King finally grace the South-East with their presence at the best possible time. After steadily releasing smash hits such as ‘Detroit‘, ‘The Summer‘ and ‘Rectifier‘ ahead of their much-anticipated album, ‘Tell Me If You Like To‘ (out 10 June 2016), the band had plenty of new material, hype and summer vibes to work with. Additionally, the South-East’s favourite independent venueThe Boileroom proved to be the perfect hosts for this sold-out sweat and beer fuelled indie fest.


Opening support – JETTI


With a cheery, welcoming set, this four-piece from Ascot were a perfectly suited opening support act for tonight’s youthful-indie extravaganza.  

Their live material proved to be a pleasant surprise, despite having somewhat monotonous drum beats and bass lines that are, for some reason so popular within indie/alternative music, JETTI maintained a high level of energy throughout the set that got the crowd thoroughly warmed up. With catchy main guitar riffs, and the belting voice of front man, Toby Jones, the group were able to create a huge sound that is mostly lost on first support bands, and crowd favourites such as ‘I feel so alive‘ and ‘The Beach‘ were met with a warm reaction from the Guildford crowd.

JETTI are a prime example of an impressively young, indie-pop group that are starting to be on the rise in the world. They are capable of so much and when they find their distinct place and begin to take more risks with their music, they are only going to get better.

Check out their stuff on Souncloud below and catch ’em on facebook here


Main support – Haize

Rating: ★★★★☆

London boys, Haize were the perfect calm before the storm of Spring King in terms of their soft alternative-rock material and frontman’s oddly calming voice, but definitely not in terms of the crowd. Tonight the Boileroom was a blur of ‘just-had-my-first-beer’ tweens dancing and playfully shoving in an ever-growing mosh pit (Note: Can it be called a mosh-pit in an indie gig??). The lead-vocalist was looking quite apprehensive on stage, only giving the odd nervous smile and giggle when looking up at the sea of kids bouncing off each other and screaming the band’s ever-so-catchy ‘oooh’s right back at them. Meanwhile, the other members seemed to be loving it!

Haize is fronted by a charming voice, singing tales of youth, summer and love – perfect for tonight’s occasion. These tales were accompanied by the usual and irresistible indie-rock riffs that you can’t help but dance to. New material such as the group’s latest single, ‘Blue Lights‘ (out now on Soundcloud) seemed to encapsulate the set’s vibes perfectly, while old favourites such as ‘Solar‘ were stummed out effortlessly. One slightly unfortunate aspect of the set was the band members’ apparent lack of synergy and on-stage connection with each other, despite making a solid connection with the audience that was maintained throughout the set. If this was due to nerves about opening for Spring King tonight, it needn’t be an issue in the future because these guys sound great. This is a band that know exactly where they’re going, and just need to confidence to not compromise anything in the meantime.

Follow Haize on facebook, and Twitter while checking out their new single on soundcloud!


Headliners – Spring King



Image: Crawford Images


The wait was definitely worth it with this lot from Manchester. Within seconds of the members emerging on stage, the Boileroom transformed from a room of increasingly inpatient, near-to-flagging teens into a merging sea of hands and loud screams. It was a magic trick. The band opened with long-term fan-favourite ‘Better Man‘ which unsurprisingly turned into a riotous yet glorious mess. Then went onto show us the yet-to-be-released title track of the upcoming album: ‘Tell Me If You Like To‘ (10 June 2016) which was met with gratifying cheers and only made us more excited for its full release!


Image: Crawford Images


It is impressive to say the least watching front-man, Tarek Musa, manage to belt out lyrics with such persistent energyy  while banging the drums with such ferociousness. It was (reassuringly) not as easy as it was made to look, as he soon observed “oh look, cut my hand already” after their first song of the night. All members of the band continue to push out so much energy onto the crowd that it is unsurprising to see how they were swirling around the moshpits and bouncing off the walls all night. Guitarist Peter Darlington is especially strong at leading the crowd chants during tunes such as ‘Who Are You‘ and ‘The Summer‘. This is a band that you just have to see live, even if only to see them coordinate their individual talents on stage to recreate their huge roundhouse sound, and definitely for the atmosphere.

It was nice to see that Spring King enjoyed Guildford as much as Guildford enjoyed them, too. On several occasions throughout the set, they exclaimed that the Boileroom were “the best fucking crowd we’ve had all tour”, and I am not surprised. It was wild.


Make sure to check out Spring King on twitter and facebook

Stream Spring King’s latest bangers below:

Baker out


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