ALBUM REVIEW. Atiptoe – +Venture


Image: Failure By Design Facebook


Atiptoe are a 4-piece group from the South of England, who have been doing their thing, mixing indie-rock and pop-punk fun with local independent record label Failure By Design since 2013. After releasing two singles through 2013 and 2014 to set in the band identity and sound, they are now embarking on their debut album, ‘+Venture‘ (out now in all the right places) and the verdict is so far so good!


The band’s evolution in both musical style and confidence since their emergence in 2013 is apparent from the first words of opening track: ‘C’mon, Let’s Light This Candle‘. Front-man, Dave Sylvester‘s is especially impassioned throughout this record, as he sings the powerful lyrics that this band do so well in writing such as “Mister teacher, Mister preacher won’t you share with us the wisdom you’ve been keeping“. The album then goes onto take some risks, with some funkier-riffs in their latest single, ‘Oh, the Cleverness of Me!‘ and more delicate melodies in the beautiful track, ‘What Is Essential‘. This short instrumental track is where Atiptoe take a moment to demonstrate their brilliant musicianship that puts them apart from other typical pop-punk bands. Meanwhile, you have tracks like ‘You’ve Lost your Muchness‘ which are all about the intense build-up to the belting chorus, where all members come together to bring about an explosion of drums and heavy guitar solos. Just what we like to hear.


Atiptoe have simultaneously taken more risks musically here compared to their earlier material, with more elaborate drumming and ambient moments within tracks; the evolved vocals have also started to show a more vulnerable side to Atiptoe at times within this album. Finally, the concluding track, ‘Not Told You Half of What I Saw‘ confirms our estimations that this new material will be an impressive sight to see live. From the intricate ebs and flows of the guitar lines to Sylvester‘s ever-growing powerful vocals during a possible call-and-responce “Do you believe me now?”, this is a band will bring something new to the live indie-rock scene in their upcoming tour (dates below).


You can catch Atiptoe live at the following shows:

May 29th – Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar, Brighton. (With Merrick’s Tusk and Redwood)

May 30th – Mother’s Ruin, Bristol. (With Redwood)

May 31st – Fiddler’s Elbow, London. (With Redwood)

June 1st – Chameleon Arts Cafe, Nottingham. (With Redwood)

June 2nd – Dog & Whistle, Hertford. (With Redwood)

June 3rd – Boileroom, Guildford.

June 5th – Cellar Bar, Bracknell. (With Redwood)

June 30th – Sanctuary, Basingstoke. (With Signals)

Stream Atiptoe‘s new single, and full album now on spotify

Give the band a like/follow now on facebooktwitter and their website,

Also check out what else Failure By Design Records are up to on facebook and twitter!



Baker out

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