ONES TO WATCH. Carnivals with new single ‘Shadows’

London quartet, Carnivals, are starting to make a name for themselves on the scene, with their psych-rock riffs and alluring leading voice of Cal Green blaring out all over town. Making their way around London after releasing debut single ‘Shadows‘, this is the sort of band that are going straight for the real deal, and skipping the inexperienced, half-hearted stage that you often have to endure with fresh alternative bands. This is why they are ones to watch.
 The musical influences that Carnivals thrive off are clearly wide-spread, with touches of the likes of The Temples,The Doors and The Growlers creeping through at various points in their material and image. Cal Green reveals his wealth of life-experience and wisdom in his voice, as can be heard in the debut single ‘Shadows‘, meanwhile fellow band members occasionally chime in with 70s-esk harmonies behind Cal.

The potential for some on-stage heavy energy is shown in the opening bars of this track as well as in Harry Wood’s drumming throughout. However, for now, Carnivals are focusing on showcasing their lyrical expertise, with warning words and melancholy tones. These are carried perfectly with Joe Hannen’s intriguing psych-pop riffs that are reminiscent of early Temples material.

Check out what Carnivals are made of below:



Carnivals have also announced that they will be gracing the Jack Rocks This Feeling stage at Isle of Wight Festival this month.


Check out Carnivals’ music now on soundcloud and youtube whilst giving them a like on facebook



Baker out

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