Date: 4th June 2016 (Camden Rocks Festival)

Venue: Be At One, Camden.

Genre: Indie-pop

Rating: ★★★★

13334334_10205154596859646_275321467_oFront-man, Gerrard, of this five-piece grooving machine walked onto the stage somewhat gingerly while the stage was set up. The venue was starting to fill up, with people who already knew what was about to go down stuffing themselves into the front. Suddenly, the first chord was struck, the mic was christened, and the whole place was already dancing.

All members were giddily moving about the stage, determined to make the most of their time at Camden and come together to create their tight, jazzy indie-pop seradanes. Charisma was oozing out Main vocalist Gerrard, who has the kind of voice you just want to sing along to. Meanwhile, it seems as though just about everyone in this group can also sing sweet harmonies and melodies – when everyone comes together to sing, a warm haize fills the room and intices you to not go anywhere.


What makes Youth Club something different is that they are indefinitely in the alternative inner circles of the UK, but their indie-pop music is purposely created without the perpetual sorrow and gloom that so many bands think is neccessary to be successful. They are fun, they are talented, and they bring something different and shamelessly groovy to the table.

Crowd favourite included ‘The Man I Am‘ and ‘She’s A Dancer‘, they were put out onto the crowd as if it was all the band members have ever done with themselves. This showed in the atmosphere, with everyone echoing the lyrics “I have to know, are you out tonight” (‘Filling It Up To Go‘) back to the band in a joyful blur. Guitarists, Joe and Danny got the chance to showcase their funky talents, along with Pete (Bass) and Rees (drums) in the instrumental breakdowns that followed some of the tracks. The experimentation with beats, riffs and collaborative sounds only valued the set more. However, this band are all about delivering the full atmospheric package, easy listening jazzy-pop that gets you moving and smiling. And tonight, they did just that.


What the crowd thought…


“Very vibrant and groovy”


Listen to Youth Club here:

Also follow them on facebook and twitter


(All images: Steph Baker)


Baker out.

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