Date: 4th June 2016 (Camden Rocks Festival)

Venue: The Forge, Camden.

Genre: Alternative-rock/Brit-pop

Rating: ★★★1/2

This Camden rocks gig was hosted by the Forge, one of the more lager venues of this festival that allowed for more open-air circulation of sound and room to move about. The Carnabys of Twikenham opened their set with ‘So Much Better On My Own’, an upbeat tune that showcased the great synergy between the energetic drumming and funky bass lines, and also gave front man Jack Mercer the chance to warm up the crowd.

Tracks such as ‘It’s Not My Party’ had Jack jumping around the stage, and filled the Forge with optimistic, brit-pop vibes. This band brought something different to Camden Rocks tonight, with their entertaining performances and choruses full of funloving hooks, they are a great example of a more tight and mature alternative rock band.



The crowd steadily became more condensed, with committed fans fleeing to the front to chant the chorus lines back to the band. The Carnabys’ energy is not only carried but pushed out onto the audience by the strong-standing Jack and his powerful resounding vocals with the band’s music and upbeat vibes being carried and pounded out by the impressive drumming skills of James Morgan.

Despite covers usually being the lul of a band’s set, a moment where it is clear they have ran out of unique tracks and settle for something people will (hopefully) know, The Carnabys’ cover of David Bowie’s ‘Jene Genie’ was arguably the highlight due to the perfect suiting of this band with this song. Jack’s voice boomed out the lyrics, which hit him right back in the face as the crowd reciprocated them, and the music was seemingly in the musicians’ fun-loving comfort zone. This classic, British sound was continued through the rest of the set, and althought it would have been good to see their more adventurous side musically, the Twikenham boys gave Camden rocks authentic, brit-pop summer vibes.

What the crowd thought…


“Great indie-pop vibes and good energy!”


Check out The Carnabys now below:

Also give them a follow facebook and twitter


(All images: Steph Baker)


Baker out.

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