SINGLE REVIEW. Tusks – ‘Torn’

Release Date: 7th June 2016

Genre: Alternative Electro-pop



Tusks, fresh from the Great Escape Festival with her beautiful voice that has moved so many, has released a new single ‘Torn’ ahead of the release of her second EP, ‘False’ (out tomorrow, 10th June).


This track represents Tusks coming into her own, the confidence exudes from the bass notes and somewhat elusive vocal range showcased by the young London artist. It is exciting to see her begin to experiment with vocals and the changing tone of her music. The electronic influences fused from the likes of Disclosure and The xx compliment Tusks greatly, the eb and flow of this track creates a stunning journey for all to hear.

We’re sure that if the rest of the EP is like this, then Tusks will prove to be an even more interesting live act than she already is. What is so noteworthy about this artists is that she is proudly responsible for every sound, beat, and movement within her music, she paints her music onto a canvas, organically building it up until we are given a full experience such as this single.


Listen to ‘Torn’ now below:

You can also connect with her on facebook and instagram.


Baker out.



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