INTERVIEW. Fizzy Blood on tour with allusondrugs

Fizzy Blood have grown to be one of the best bands on our radar, after the Leeds boys reaped the rewards of their explosive debut EP, ‘Feast‘ (first recommended to us by thnksfrthrvw) and stole the show at Camden Rocks Festival earlier this month (live review here), it is clear that this is a band not ceasing to excel in creating hardcore rock ‘n’ roll magic anytime soon. We got to catch up with the lead guitarist, Paul Howells in between their gigs up and down the country with allusondrugs. Check it out.


How are you finding the tour with allusondrugs? Why is it your bands go so well together? 

The tour’s been amazing! We’re all just really weird and on a wavelength with each other and we’re genuinely fans of each other’s bands so it’s just a recipe for love really.

allusondrugs and Fizzy Blood really are a match made in heaven, check ’em out here

Have you seen a noticeable difference in gigs across the country? 

We’re always usually received a lot better up North being that we’re form there, but to be honest, the reception on this tour has been incredible in most places. Newport and Cheltenham aren’t exactly northern cities but the crowds were just really into it and having a great time, which made us have a great time in turn.

What’s your favourite track to play live?

We’ve been playing some new songs on this tour and I think collectively, those are our favourite as we haven’t toured them to death yet!

Fizzy Blood’s most recent single is ‘Sweet and Sulphur‘, listen here. We also got to hear the yet-to-be-released track ‘ADHD‘ live at Camden which was a highlight of their set.

What bands are you guys listening to at the moment?

Everyone should at least check out Demob Happy, Get Inuit, Floating Points, Anderson Paak, Frank Ocean, DTSQ and Dead Buttons.

Demob Happy and Get Inuit are also favourites of ours too, these guys really do have a myriad of differing influences.


Fizzy Blood are on facebook and twitter


Baker out.

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