SINGLE REVIEW. Late Night Legacy – ‘Of Our Times’

Release date: 19th June 2016

Genre: Bluesy Rock


The new boys on the scene from Leeds bring refreshing, bluesey undertones to their rock sound. After mastering their craft with numerous live performances and a debut single ‘Light It Up‘ released earlier this year, they return with a promising second single that s sure to get them noticed. 

Of Our Time‘ is centred around feelings of angst and rivalry against the ‘nay sayers’, a tale of the underdogs struggling through ongoing issues that come with life in the norm. It opens with a assertive riff, laying the foundations on behalf of guitarist Rob Orange. Front man Ryan Kitto enters into the song full of confidence and energetic vocals that bounce along the melodies, with softening harmonies emerging in and out. Suddenly the chorus kicks off, and suddenly you understand Late Night Legacy‘s live performance reputation, as Ryan blares out lyrics “of our time” with the sort of voice that would reverberate through music venues with excitement.

Although it is somewhat monotonous at times, this is not a typical ‘playing it safe’ second single, it is a passionate hit with catchy alternative-rock hooks and a bouncy blues undertone. With Ryan’s soulful voice and the band’s creativity that you can hear peeking through, once these guys grow in exposure, they’ll be able to go to full potential with their songwriting for sure.

Keep an eye out for Late Night Legacy‘s fresh release thus Sunday on their twitter and facebook

They also post cool stuff on youtube



Baker out.

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