ALBUM REVIEW. Carina Round – ‘Deranged to Divine’

Release Date: 29th July 2016

Label: Do Yourself In

Genre: Alternative Rock and a little bit of everything else

Rating: ★★★★

Carina Round is a unique one, that much is for sure. With four critically acclaimed albums and a heavily committed fan base under her belt, many started to believe that her LP ‘Tigermixes‘ would be it for the Wolverhampton artist, but she is back with the invigorating ‘Deranged to Divine‘ a retrospective collection of over a decade of work, which for this artist, means a diverse roundhouse trip through her work, spinning off in all possible directions.

The opening track, ‘You Will Be Loved‘ is a crescendo warning call to all new comers, and a welcoming message to all friendly faces. Carina’s vocal range is the first of many talents being showcased here, as a delicate folk track lifted up by soft high pitched melodies turns into a heavy electro-alternative arrangement, with the sinister lyrics “has your world been shattered, confounded by fear?” biting through. Meanwhile, ‘Into My Blood’ is an angsty dark horse, with pounding bass lines setting the perfect foundation for Carina’s emotive rantings. ‘Slow Motion Addict’ later follows on from this, will a blaring guitar riff that simmers through her almost gothic threatening words.

carina round pic.png
Image: Instagram

There are many a surprise in this album, with gentle acoustic/folk songs such as ‘Backseat‘, telling sad tales in the form of haunting vocals. The highlights of this collection are hard to pick out due to the hige variety of choice, but ‘Elegy’ is one that shines through, as the solo instrumental at the end of the track just about teeters on the edge of madness, before the calm settles and it is done.
Mother’s Pride’ is another hit, with seemingly jaded but romanticised lyrics and purposely slow pacing that flows wonderfully before exploding into a frenzy of passionate vocal reprises and heavy drums – one for any Lana Del Rey fans out there. On the other side of the spectrum you have the brilliant ‘Want More‘, a catchy chorus bursting with hooks contrasted by carefully thought-out verses built to cut deep.

With retrospective collections of an artist’s work, it is often difficult to hold a consistent tone that flows throughout, and this is evident at certain points of this huge 18-track LP. Jazzy numbers such as ‘How I See It‘ are contrasted and arguably jolted out of the way by the more aggressive vibes of ‘Gunshot‘. However, all of the tracks on ‘Deranged to Devine’ – enjoyable or not – are not what they seem in the first few bars. Her voice is tremendously difficult to categorise: is that a country twang? A grungy bellow? Tantalising low-tone vocals reeling you in? It is all of the above and more. Carina Round is clearly the result of a melting-pot of talent, with a deep pocket of carefully crafted tunes to pick from. Overall, this album is an all-encompassing roundhouse of sounds, influences and emotions, and you won’t know where the turns are coming from.


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Baker out.



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