SINGLE REVIEW. Jamie T – Tinfoil Boy

Release Date: 30th June

Genre: Alternative/post-punk


The man is back, and boy does he know how drip feed us. After the boom of his first two albums (Panic Prevention 2007, Kings & Queens 2009), Jamie T has got into the habit of leaving one to five years in between releases. As he returns to the scene, even if only momentarily, we have several questions to greet this release. Where has Jamie T been? What’s he been doing? The answer is who knows, all we know is while chilling in Detroit he decided to record the crushing ‘Tinfoil Boy’ in a moment of spontaneity – and it is great to have him back.

jamie t

The song opens with the taunting giggles of a women which evolves seamlessly into Jamie setting the scene with calm vocals and rather subtle bass lines. Suddenly “he’s a Tinfoil Boy…” is blasted down the line repeatedly as a heavy riff develops and sounds reminiscent of Rage Against The Machine seep through as the drum beat is thrown around is a fit of delirium. The deprecating lyrics of the verses seem to be written with a new air of maturity, while the chorus allows the London troublemaker to lash out and explore the heavier side of his post-punk music. Finally we are left with the lyric “It’s times like this I feel tripped into waking up” reminding us of the intense and ominous tone lying under his most recent albumCarry On The Grudge that seems to have had a long-lasting affect.


So far there is no word on whether this is simply a ‘just felt like it’ single drop or the beginning of the journey to a new album. Jamie T has always been good at keeping his fans waiting and wondering, but we are certainly hoping it is the latter.

Stream the new single ‘Tinfoil Boy’ here


You can also follow Jamie T on facebook, twitter and instagram.



Baker out.


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