LIVE PREVIEW. Why You Need To See The Magic Gang play The Green Door Store

Date: 13 April 2017
Venue: The Green Door Store, Brighton
Genre: Alternative Rock

If there’s one thing we love, it is the showcasing of authentic and interesting talent in independent music venues, and Bushmills ® Irish Whiskey have announced that it is launching a nationwide tour to do just that featuring: We Are ScientistsThe Magic Gang, VANT and The Wytches.

The Bushmills Tour’ is part of the #AnswerTheCall campaign that aims to showcase creators, artists, entrepreneurs from the music industry and beyond to showcase their talents and inspire others to fulfil their true calling. The Music Venue Trust have reported an estimated 40% of music venues closing in the past 10 years – which sucks – so here, Bushmills are aiming to celebrate these iconic venues that remain the lifeblood of the UK music scene – which is great!

One of the UK’s most impressive new bands, The Magic Gang are going to be kicking off this tour at the Green Door Store in Brighton next month as part of this tour. With irresistible tunes such as ‘How Can I Compete‘, and ‘Jasmine‘ are sure to be lashed out to the budding Brighton crowd, and with the Summer just about on the horizon, now is the perfect time to get a glimpse into what the festival favourites are going to have in store.

It is bands such as The Magic Gang that are so important within alternative music (no matter what flavour of alternative is the one for you) as they are continuing to emphasise the importance of independent music venues as well as the huge sweeping festival fields and stadium halls. So yeah, it’s pretty important and it’s gonna be pretty cool.

Tickets for the full tour are now available through Dice

See you at The Green Door Store next month!


NEWS. Allusondrugs announce final headline tour via mysterious message from Allusinlove Organisation

After just coming off a co-headline tour with close buddies Fizzy Blood, the grungy shoegaze quintet are getting straight back onto the bus later this Summer, with support from alternative-indie group Massmatiks.

A spokesperson for the band released an ever-so-slightly ominous comment regarding the tour. Stating “The Allusinlove Organisation hereby wish it to be known that these engagements shall be the full and final musical undertakings of the entity known as allusondrugs. Please await further communications on this situation in the coming weeks for details of future works”. Could this really be the end of a band only just starting to peak at their potential?

Since their emergence in 2012, allusondrugs have been anything but stagnant. Between building a fan-base that followed their rising influence through support shows with Enter Shikari, Marmozets and Lonely The Brave, and creating ever-growing anticipation with every release, this band are getting bigger and bigger.

This tour is shaping up to represent a progressive move forward from their beginnings as a band. With more experimentation, unreleased material and heavy energy levels, allusondrugs – with an existing reputation for bringing it at their live shows – are perhaps (and hopefully) going to go through a name/image change rather than a breakup.

Tour dates for August 2016unnamed.png


You can buy tickets for the tour  here, and follow the band on twitter and facebook



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NEWS. Spring King are coming to the Boileroom, Guildford 20/05/2016

Spring King are a post-punk quartet from Manchester that have been turning heads all over while playing acclaimed sets at SXSW and Austin City Limits. Our best local indie venue, the Boileroom is now lucky enough to be graced with their presence which is sure to shake up Guildford this Friday night

Spring King have been building a reputation of providing a live music experience, rather than the monotonous reciting of their new youtube hits that we see so much of these days with young, indie punk bands. With banging singles such as ‘The Summer‘ and ‘Rectifier‘ being released ahead of their debut LP, ‘Tell Me If You Like To‘ (Out 10 June via Island Records), these guys have new material that you are bound to be drunkenly singing along to soon enough.

Spring King are to be joined with support from Reading boys, Haize and the interesting sounds of JETTI. This show is sure to be the full package of indie and punk magic in Guildford.

Make sure to come down early!


Check out the event page here for timings and tickets.


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INTRODUCING BLEACH – Guildford band making their mark on the local scene with new single ‘See’.

BLEACH consists of vocalist Sam and guitarist/keys player Ben.
They are fresh onto the local music scene with their ambient/alternative sounds and the kind of vocals you can imagine reverberating around the room eerily during a gig. They’ve got a growing online following and have just released new track ‘See‘ (link below)
I got to catch up with the Guildford boys and learn a bit about what they do.

So what’s your band’s background? Where you guys from, how did you get together? 
“We’re just over a year away from getting out of school, so we’re kind of trying to balance work with producing our own music. The two of us started doing music together a couple of years ago, but the sound we have developed now has come about relatively recently in the last few months. We’re from Guildford, so that’s where we’re targeting our gigs at the moment (the Boileroom and such), mainly just trying to find promoters and venues in the area that like our kind of material.”
Well, Guildford is a good creative community so it’s a good place to be at the moment. So, where does the inspiration behind your image come from?

“Our musical inspirations are varied, we’re inspired by alternative artists such as Radiohead but also the likes of Bombay Bicycle Club. Our guitar driven influences come from the likes of Catfish and the Bottlemen and Ben Howard – That kinda style. In terms of our image, we’ve got most of our creative ideas all from a picture of a half finished self-portrait my friend was working on (see below), and for some reason, I really liked its fragmented image so I just kind of went with it, so that idea is probably something with stick with in the future.”

Image: Soundcloud


How’s recording going? I loved the demo of “in place” when will this single be released? 
“In terms of recording, we’ve got demo singles on Soundcloud at the moment, hopefully going to get an EP out in the coming months, just to get a general sense of our musical style out there. I’m also sure once we get more exposure we’ll re-release some better quality recordings- although it’s worth saying that ‘In Place’ is the roughest recording we have and the ones coming after it will be much better. We’re in the process of writing quite a few songs, but after we’ve made them it’s a matter of sorting through them and deciding which ones will represent us best.
What’s the main composition of BLEACH then and how have you grown musically over time? 
“We split the live instruments between the two of us. Ben plays most of the guitar and keyboard parts, and Sam plays the drum machine and sometimes synth and guitar. We’re quite diverse like that. Our focus is perfecting how it sounds in the studio, and then we tend to work out the live way of playing afterwards. We’re looking into using new samplings and electronic sounds to mix in with the guitar. Y’know, something different.”

BLEACH‘s new track  ‘See‘ is certainly not your typical first single release. The seamless harmonies continue to flow, creating a calm as a layered guitar riff continues to build throughout. The perfect track to showcase what this band are all about, and pull you in just in time for what’s to come.
Listen to it now below:
Don’t forget to give these guys a follow on Twitter too!

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Blink-182 to go on tour with A Day To Remember, All Time Low and The All-American Rejects

This may well be the American pop-punk dream tour

Following the band dropping their first song without Tom DeLonge, ‘Bored To Death‘ (Track posted below), Blink-182 have announced a US summer headline tour with supports from some of America’s pop-punk world’s favourites. All-American Rejects, All Time Low and A Day To Remember will be serving as rotating support bands for the newly reformed Blink.


Some life-long fans might be feeling slightly sceptical about the new Blink-182 line-up featuring Matt Skiba, but the track below may well change your mind. Sounds like Matt’s apparent influence on the songwriting, and the original Blink fellas having a new-found lease of life will make for some energetic live performances!

Either way, this is definitely going to be a memorable tour for all involved.


Bored To Death – Blink-182

New album, California to be released July 1st.



Tickets go on sale May 6th – Don’t miss out!


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Most exciting acts of The Great Escape Festival 2016

The Great Escape Festival, hosted throughout a number of Brighton’s best music venues each Summer is a great opportunity to see the best up-and-coming acts from within the UK and overseas. This annual weekend has a reputation for showcasing the best of what’s to come in music each year, and we’re very excited to see what they have in store this year. Here are my personal favourite choices out of the line-up.

Band of Skulls

Slot: Friday 20th May | 9:15-10pm | Concorde

Genre: Blues/indie rock

First heard of ’em: Came across them last year on a random blog article, knew I’d love them instantly.


This Southhampton band, consisting of Emma, Russell and Matt have been playing the long, character-building game with the music industry since 2004, and it is good to see this band finally get the recognition they deserve. Each of their albums demonstrates a level-up in professionalism, creative expression, and band identity and I cannot wait to see them both at Brighton in May and at the Boileroom this Thursday!

You can check out their website Here.

You can check out their soundcloud here.



Beach Baby

Slot: Thursday 19th May | 9:15-9:45 | Horatios

Genre: Indie-pop/psych-pop

First heard of ’em: Got their single through the post with Flying Vinyl


This London four-piece are a perfect band to see on a (hopefully) sunny day in Brighton. These guys create a fun sound that could well become the sound of Summer 2016, with their dreamy, grunge-pop (if that can be called a thing?) hooks coming from every angle.

You can check out their facebook here.

You can check out their soundcloud here.



Black Honey

Slots: Friday 20th May | 8:30-9pm | Wagner Hall AND Friday 20th May | 10-10:30pm | Horatios

Genre: Indie-rock

First heard of ’em: Got their single through the post with Flying Vinyl


With heavy rock guitar riffs, and a Blondie-esk front woman (Izzy B), this group ooze the coolness and attitude that entices the audience into a trance. This group are known for their love of mystery. Indeed, Izzy B has been quoted saying “if it was my way, we’d still be a secret band” (NME) and that they love to live in the moment regarding their career.

You can check out their website here

You can check out their soundcloud here



Get Inuit

Slot: Friday 20th May | 9-9:30pm | Latest Music Bar

Genre: Heavy indie-pop

First heard of ’em: After being recommended them by thnksfrthrvw, I followed them online for a long time and finally saw them live at the Boileroom in February


This group from Kent have rose to fame swiftly, and boy, do they deserve it. With a great live reputation and smash pop-punk hits such as Pro Procrastinator, this band are not one to miss this summer. You’ll be dancing with indie-rock hooks in your head all night long.

You can check out their website here.

You can check out their soundcloud here.



Kim Churchill

Slots: Friday 20th May | 12:30-1pm | Concorde 2 AND Saturday 21st May | 2:15-2:40 Concorde 2

Genre: Folk/blues

First heard of him: He was playing one night at the Boileroom while I was on bar shift. Fell in love instantly.


This Australian singer/songwriter burst onto the UK music scene with his acoustic tunes and unique vocals blaring. This guy’s delicate melodies accompanied by his beautifully honest stories told within his lyrics is something that you have to see live. If he can silence the audience at the boileroom, I’m sure he’ll have no trouble in Brighton.

You can check out his website here

You can check out his soundcloud here




Slot: Friday 20th May | 11:30pm-12:15am | Komedia

Genre: Electronic/ambient

First heard of ’em: Found them online and then got to see them do their thing at the Boileroom live.


This unique five-piece spawned from a decade-long friendship. After transitioning between different genres, they found their sound within hypnotic electronic music. Their emotional lyrics paired with uplifting, layers of experimental beats creates a booming sound that fills every corner of the room. Perfect after a day of running frantically around Brighton.

You can check out their website here

You can check out their soundcloud here



The Big Moon

Slots: Saturday 21st May | 12:30-1pm | Komedia AND 7:15-7:45pm | Corn Exchange

Genre: Alternative-rock

First heard of ’em: Got their single through the post with Flying Vinyl and was drawn in from then.


This angst-fuelled girl-group give off a 70s vibe in their grunge magic. Their bass-riffs and heavily layered voices create sounds that resonate through every member of the audience. Known for being a fun-loving, relentlessly energetic act live, this is a definite must for The Great Escape.

You can check out their facebook here

You can check out their soundcloud here


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Are The Yeah Yeah Yeahs back? Band reunite for a New York gig

The much loved American indie-rock obscurity have graced the world with their presence once again after sixteen months in their home town, New York.

The female-fronted trio played at the after party for the premier of Shot!: The Psycho-Spiritual Mantra of Rocka documentary on renowned music photographer, Mick Rock which opened at New York Tribeca Film Festival on Friday. The film is directed by Karen O (lead vocalist)’s husband, Barney Clay.

After the group’s 2013 smash hit album, Mosquitothey announced they were officially on hiatus in December 2014. Karen O released a solo LP, ‘Crush Songs‘ in September of that year, but ever since them, the members have been rather quiet.

So much to everyone’s suprise they turned up on Friday all guns and guitars blazing, with much loved hits of their own as well as covers of David Bowie‘s ‘Moonage Daydream‘ and Lou Reed‘s ‘Perfect Day‘ (Video clips of both below)

So are the alternative, pop-punk group back in action and potentially ready to get back into the studio or back onto the stage? Or was this a one-off sentimental gig dedicated to Barney Clay? Only time will tell.

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@ko sang Bowie earlier and

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