ALBUM REVIEW. Catfish & The Bottlemen – ‘The Ride’

Release date: 8th Junly 2016

Genre: Indie-Rock/Pop


So it is finally here. Catfish & The Bottlemen release second album ‘The Ride‘ after fan-apprehension grew steadily throughout 2016 with the release of hit singles ‘Soundcheck‘, ‘7‘ and ‘Twice‘. Their debut ‘The Balcony‘ was all about getting their name known, and letting us know what they’re about – rough around the edges rock that is going to conquer the UK. Now this album’s purpose is to cement their place as the UK’s leading indie-rock band and showcase how much they have grown, from arriving tentatively onto the scene, to having sold-out shows and gold album sales figures. 



We start off with the two singles that fans have been singing along to for weeks in preparation for this release, ‘7‘ and ‘Twice‘. These are unsurprisingly two of the best singles on the album, full of buildup and blaring hooks. ‘Oxygen‘ is very reminiscent of what Oasis would be like if they were to write new material today while ‘Emily‘ gives an insight into travels to America and surprises in romantic endeavours. Nearing the end of this 11-track album, and so far we have had peaks and troffs, with all of the foundations from their debut, just when you think they are going to explode onto a huge level, Catfish’s efforts plato into an anti-climactic memory of ‘The Balcony‘. It is not all bad though, ‘Red‘ is a powerful hit all about growing up and second chances, with heavy bass drums and blaring vocals by McCann that leave us with insight into a romantic rival with lyrics “Can he do what I do for you?“. additionally,’Soundcheck‘ has an undertone similar to some early Strokes material, with CATB’s trademark touch flowing throughout.


These guys know how to make ear-catching, fun, quality hits that much is clear. This album is sure to do well, and get the band more sold-out gigs, possibly even allow them to spread their wings overseas more. The only question is, shouldThe Ride‘ achieve all this? This second album is slighty monotonous at times, making it hard to distinguish between this musical endeavour and their first, released two years ago. Catfish’ have so much potential and adventure inside, and at times throughout this album, you feel as if they are holding back. This disappointing lacking touch is actually done on purpose, as front-man of the band said when discussing ‘The Ride‘: “I feel like everybody started thinking too outside the box, trying to be arty and different…we wanted to stay inside the box“. Is this going to be a safety-guard that ensures sales, or their first and last creative mistake? Only time will tell.


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EP REVIEW. Newborn’s new self-titled release


Release Date: June 14th

Genre: Alternative Rock


Apprehensions are running high ahead of New York’s fresh alternative-rock quartet, Newborn’s debut EP release (Out June 14th). After interviewing the band (check it out here) and knowing how excited they are for this release, you can hear straight away that these boys are trying hard, and it just might have worked.

The opening track, ‘Runaround’ is characterised by the funk bass line running throughout the song reminiscent of early Red Hot Chilli Peppers, which makes for a somewhat mocking-style of front-man Allen’s romanticised criticisms of the youth of today. The heavy guitar sounds that peak at the choruses is where Newborn put their individual mark onto this track; it is steadily becoming their trademark.

The track ‘Gravity’ is the EP’s dark angel. With lyrics such as “drift away on liquid dreams, will you find out what they mean?” Newborn have made their next passionate endeavour into a troubled-love song since the first single ‘Beautiful Disguise’, with their own heavy twist. With Allen’s delicate vocal range during the reassuring “you won’t fall with me, I’ll be your gravity” Newborn here expose their vulnerable side, a very honest quality.

The subsequent hit, ‘Innocent Guilt’ continues to showcase the guitar style that Newborn are currently mastering, although it could be seen as slightly monotonous, it is more than overcompensated for by the alluring first single released by the band ‘Beautiful Disguise’. It is evident from not only Allen’s vocals but also Blake’s (drums) purposeful pacing of the song that this is an important release for the band – their first beauty. The rerelease of this track results in us listening to it from a different, even more appreciative perspective.

We are left with the lighter, more delicate track, ‘Old Soul’ to close this EP. With a soulful, bouncing guitar melody, and the amorous, you could almost be forgiven for thinking this band have a romantic side.

This self-titled release is sure to result in big progressions for New York’s Newborn, with an increasingly varying repertoire of talent and potential, the live performances are sure to be interesting, as well as the world is sure to start noticing these guys.


Newborn‘ is to be release June 14th on Soundcloud. 

Listen to the single, ‘Beautiful Disguise‘ here:


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ONES TO WATCH. Carnivals with new single ‘Shadows’

London quartet, Carnivals, are starting to make a name for themselves on the scene, with their psych-rock riffs and alluring leading voice of Cal Green blaring out all over town. Making their way around London after releasing debut single ‘Shadows‘, this is the sort of band that are going straight for the real deal, and skipping the inexperienced, half-hearted stage that you often have to endure with fresh alternative bands. This is why they are ones to watch.
 The musical influences that Carnivals thrive off are clearly wide-spread, with touches of the likes of The Temples,The Doors and The Growlers creeping through at various points in their material and image. Cal Green reveals his wealth of life-experience and wisdom in his voice, as can be heard in the debut single ‘Shadows‘, meanwhile fellow band members occasionally chime in with 70s-esk harmonies behind Cal.

The potential for some on-stage heavy energy is shown in the opening bars of this track as well as in Harry Wood’s drumming throughout. However, for now, Carnivals are focusing on showcasing their lyrical expertise, with warning words and melancholy tones. These are carried perfectly with Joe Hannen’s intriguing psych-pop riffs that are reminiscent of early Temples material.

Check out what Carnivals are made of below:



Carnivals have also announced that they will be gracing the Jack Rocks This Feeling stage at Isle of Wight Festival this month.


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INTERVIEW with YELLOW SHOOTS following single ‘Stormy Weather’

Following his emotional and elusive single ‘Stormy Weather‘ (out now, link below), New York artist, YELLOW SHOOTS has been experimenting, planning and exploring other musical influences. We got to hear all about it in this interview.

stromy weather single YELLOW SHOOTS
Image: Yellow Shoots soundcloud
How does this single differ from your past releases and how have the reactions to it been?
Stormy Weather‘ was a really comfortable song to write for me. I actually completed it in less than a few hours, which ultimately made the process extremely honest and personal. The overall reaction to the song has been great. People seem to connect to it and understand it.
You have worked with features artists in the past such as Mayo and Faja, do you enjoy collaborating?
Yes. I really do. I feel that in order to grow you need to collaborate. Collaboration isn’t easy, so it forces you to work with other people’s work styles and values.
How do you find the music scene to be in New York? 
I think the music scene here is pretty awesome from an international perspective. There are some many people here from all over the world following their dreams. That really makes NYC a place where you’ll see something out of the ordinary quite often. I really like popping into an unknown bar and seeing a band play.
Are you looking to move or travel any time soon?
Moving- no. Traveling-yes. I’ll be heading to LA to do some writing soon. I’m also planning to do some shows in the UK and Australia.
What are your main influences and inspirations for your unique RnB sound? 
Actually most of them are non-RnB groups. Bands like Radiohead and Yes. Tame Impala has been a great influence lately.  A lot of jazz influences like Wayne Shorter and Robert Glasper too.
What are your plans for the future?
Currently working on a few music videos and my live show. I’ll also have a new EP for you in about a month or so.

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Check out and download the new single ‘Stromy Weather‘ below:


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NEWS. Spring King are coming to the Boileroom, Guildford 20/05/2016

Spring King are a post-punk quartet from Manchester that have been turning heads all over while playing acclaimed sets at SXSW and Austin City Limits. Our best local indie venue, the Boileroom is now lucky enough to be graced with their presence which is sure to shake up Guildford this Friday night

Spring King have been building a reputation of providing a live music experience, rather than the monotonous reciting of their new youtube hits that we see so much of these days with young, indie punk bands. With banging singles such as ‘The Summer‘ and ‘Rectifier‘ being released ahead of their debut LP, ‘Tell Me If You Like To‘ (Out 10 June via Island Records), these guys have new material that you are bound to be drunkenly singing along to soon enough.

Spring King are to be joined with support from Reading boys, Haize and the interesting sounds of JETTI. This show is sure to be the full package of indie and punk magic in Guildford.

Make sure to come down early!


Check out the event page here for timings and tickets.


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