SINGLE REVIEW. Blackwaters – So Far Out

Release date: 11th November 2016

Genre: indie-punk

Rating: ★★★★

Guildford lads Blackwaters first caught our attention whilst reeling people in and making a right ol’ noisy mess at Camden Rocks Fest in the summer, playing early hits such as ‘Fiction‘ and ‘Moon On A Stick‘. Since then, these four boys have really gone up in the world, as their following increases and their name is starting to appear on big announcements such as Live At Leeds 2017, Blackwaters are now able to get more creative and ambitious with their music – and this shows in their most recent release, So Far Out.

This is the band’s most fast-paced track yet, at the end of it you are left exhausted – but I think this is the intended effect. After a perfectly chant-able opening hook, front man, Max Tanner comes in with comical tales of drunken nights, like a young, rowdier Jamie T. The chorus hits and this is where the punk vibes shine through. With guitarist David Carpenter blasting out a strong re-verb heavy lead backed by James Watkins‘s brain-crushing drums. You instantly get the very fuzzy visualisation of your messiest ever night, and the shamelessness of it all. Blackwaters have finally managed to convey the turbulent, roughhouse action of their live performances into a recorded track, a massive accomplishment for the rising band.

The music video features the band members rushing through the streets of their hometown, Guildford with mates and various hits of madness. Check it out below.


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SINGLE REVIEW. BlackWaters – ‘Jarr’ed up Generation’

Release Date: 22nd June 2016

Genre: Indie-punk



We first saw this South-England quartet at the Camden Rocks Festival earlier this month. Not only did they quickly stand out from the other up-and-coming acts playing throughout Camden on that day, but there was an almost instantaneous feeling of excitement with BlackWaters, that these guys were already on their  way to making their own mark on the scene as they played their explosive set at the Hawley Arms. Now, less than a month later, the boys have delivered in the form of another immersive, energetic single, ‘Jarr’ed up Generation‘.

The track opens with an old-school indie guitar riff courtesy of David Carpenter that is soon warmed up by the irresistibly catchy vocal ‘ooh’s. It is soon clear that this single is built around the distinct booming voice of Max Tanner. The carefully crafted lyrics tell a comical story of youthful angst, destructive boredom, and self-deprecation that is – as we all know – endlessly relatable. The chorus has the perfect rowdy-shout-along hooks and words, the kind that were met with great energy and vibes at Camden, and will surely go onto do the same in the BlackFutures gigs to come (the cover artwork featuring lead guitar David shows that alone!). Overall this track is a great rerelease to demonstrate the band’s professional development, and uncompromising punk identity.



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Date: 4th June 2016 (Camden Rocks Festival 2016)

Venue: The Hawley Arms, Camden.

Genre: Indie-Punk


This was the young quartet’s first time playing Camden Rocks Fest, and boy, did they hit up a storm.

With an explosive opening number ‘Moon On A Stick‘ which has formed their most recent single (out now, link below), every member took the chance to show what they were all about, and why they deserved to be here today. The lead guitar excecuted energetic punk riffs which were carried by the strong drum beats that pounded throughout. Meanwhile, our front man encouraged “Come on, Camden!“, before screaming their lyrical hooks and leading the indie punk charge.


The set continued with the more up-beat track ‘Blury Day‘, a highly dancable track that show-cased the diversity of this band. They dictated the vibes of the Hawley Arms track by track. As the room got more crowded, you got the impression that you were lucky enough to get a front row seat to a huge gig, not that you were seeing this band in the upstairs of a classic Camden pub – and this was all down to Blackwaters‘ consistent energy and power.

Blackwaters‘ set followed onto shake up the early-day crowd, with rough and wild track such as ‘Fiction‘ and ‘Pull Up Your Socks‘. The front man sung tales of heartbreak with angst and indie hooks dotting through the tunes, while the other band members were (at times quite literally) bouncing off eachother effortlessly, showing their strong connection and confidence in their music. The lead guitar even nearly had his head off while trying to balance on the stage’s high-up kick-drum.

Today’s set was pure indie punk magic, with the right hooks, guitar riffs and manic drumming from both genres that we all find irresistable. This band are so exciting and full of potential, their energy is relentless while their rough-around-the-edges sound gives them so much charm.

What the crowd thought…


“Bloody brilliant”

Listen to Blackwaters‘ new single ‘Moon On A Stick‘ below:

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(All images: Steph Baker)


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