TRACK REVIEW. Chvrches – ‘Warning Call’

Chvrches release standalone track for the soundtrack of new video game.

So it’s been a few months since the release of latest album ‘Every Open Eye‘, and just as we were starting to miss the sound of Lauren Mayberry’s iconic voice, they’ve smacked us ’round the face with a surprise standalone track, ‘Warning Call‘.

The song has been released for new video game ‘Mirror’s Edge Catalyst‘, a game about a brave Runner who discovers the hidden truth behind the City of Glass, out on Xbox. With an upbeat electronic backdrop and Mayberry’s escapist lyrics that creates a dystopian undertone, this is exactly the right sort of track to capture an adventurous virtual reality.

Guitarist and vocalist, Iain Cook says this is the sort of thing they wanted to achieve with it: “The sound of Chvrches’ music resonates with the minimalist sci-fi dystopia of the ‘Mirror’s Edge’ world, and we feel that the song complements the drama, emotion and empowering themes of Faith’s story” (via DIY).

Will the success of this track lead to a surge in more Chvrches material being released? Let’s hope so.



Check out the track below:

You can listen to more chvrches magic here


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SINGLE REVIEW. James Blake – I Need A Forest Fire

This collaboration is a seamless journey of escapism.

James Blake surprised-released his new album: The Colour In Anything last week and has now released the very minimalist video for hit single I Need A Forest Fire with Bon Iver.

In James Blake‘s first two albums, with hits such as Retrograde, he made a name for himself. He demonstrated his ability to create a deep, soundscape of R&B, lo-fi and ambient components that swallows you and sucks you into a trance. Meanwhile, we have Bon Iver, with two stunning albums showcasing a rare talent that goes miles above the popular standard perceived from their most recognisable hit Skinny Love.

It can be said that these two were a match made in heaven. 

This song opens with a growing landscape of scenic sounds very reminiscent of tracks on Bon Iver’s self-titled album. Justin Vernon‘s voice creeps into the track, giving out a raw, fragile feel that is interrupted just in time for James Blake’s expert bass drop to transform the song into a lo-fi journey. The creative influences of both artists are smoothly shown throughout, while their voices unite to create an melancholic ambience.

This track fits into, and highlights the brilliance of James Blake’s new album perfectly, while also bringing our attention back to Bon Iver’s ability to continue creating beauty in sounds.

Rating: 4/5

The Colour in Anything is out now on Spotify and iTunes.


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Princess Slayer – Living EP review


Here is a review I wrote for WePlugGoodMusic

Release Date: 27th November 2015


Princess Slayer consists of Casey Lim, known for her soulful voice and hypnotic stage presence during live performances and drummer, Vince Welch, also of Black Futures fame, known for standing up while he plays.

Princess Slayer first emerged onto the EDM scene from Guildford with hits such as Passion Alley and Snake Skin. After the great success of their Living EP, the duo have gifted anyone in the electro-pop market, looking for something different with their new Single EP, featuring the radio edit of the title track followed by a variety of excellent mixes.

The radio edit itself is a brilliant showcase of Princess Slayer’s ability. It begins with lead vocalist Casey’s serenading, with elevating lyrics such as “say with me, I am the maker of my life”. It then bursts into the type of chorus that would fill a room instantly, and leave the crowd singing the hook “still living” long after it’s ceased, everyone and anyone can connect with this song and the uplifting meaning behind it. We then have the extended mix, with more comprehensive mixing leaving the listener with a broader, more inclusive experience of the track.

Next up is the Craig Chino mix. With fun, house type back beats and heavier drops, this mix is the type of track you would see a DJ be proud to be the first to premier at a club. With an alternative voice layered over the top, the track transforms into a glorious assortment of club sounds and rhythms.

However, the best mix of this track has to be the White Panther Mix. This track stays true to what Princess Slayer strive to do, with the main vocals resonating throughout the track, but then takes it one step further. The totally entrancing sounds, with Casey’s voice floating through carry the weight of this track, and with heavier, richer drumming the mix goes through the motions. The listener is dragging up with it, only to have the beat drop to reveal some dirty electro/EDM beats. This is what Princess Slayer is all about, creating a cool, flexible foundation and then experimenting with it using new-wave electronic beats and captivating vocals.


After releasing this single EP, and with a Summer of gigging, and making their mark on the UK festival scene under their belts – including a set at Glastonbury on the BBC Introducing Stage – this duo are set to do great things. We look forward to a debut album.


The Living single EP is out now on iTunes.


Nimmo Live at the Boileroom

Here’s a live review of Nimmo with support by THOSS written for thnksfrthrvw

Date: 30/09/2015 – Boileroom, Guildford



The five-piece band came on stage and earned their place on it instantly with “I’m the best for you”. Front man Tom serenaded the crowd his low bassey notes, which would then be accentuated by the guitarist and drummers’ voices to create a huge, holistic choral sound that got the audience intrigued from the start. Thoss’s energetic vibe was conveyed throughout the set, with hits such as “Back to the eye of the storm” and “I miss the lonely nights”. The latter consisted of a curiously motown/jazz feel from the drums and bass guitar, perfectly juxtaposed by the font man’s modern and distinct voice and made even more memorable with satisfying indie hooks and electric riffs.

Thoss introduced us to their newest single “Swing” which is now available on Soundcloud and YouTube. With romantically melancholy vocal sounds and an enchanting acoustic chorus this track is sure to be an up and coming hit.

It’s quite clear that Thoss are a relatively new band, not because of their song writing ability or sound but their clearly awkward stage presence and lack of chemistry between each member. With the keyboardist and bassist hidden away in the corner, the visual performance of the set gave a tense and uncomfortable impression to the audience. However, sparks between band members and connections with audience members are things that can be achieved and progressively built up as the band gets more gigging experience and public exposure. The hardest part is creating an exciting, memorable sound and they’ve already got that part down.

Rating: 3/5

For fans of: Flyte, Mumford and Sons, Bombay Bicycle Club




Nimmo surged onto the stage in a burst of energy that exploded across the floor, got all of the audience out of their seats and to the front in order to witness the intriguing sound of this female-duo fronted electronic-pop sensation.

One of the front woman, Sarah made a welcoming connection with the crowd early on, stating that this was their first time in Guildford and that she was losing her voice, apologising in advance. However this did not show in the slightest, perhaps due to the flawless collaboration between all members of the group or their magnificent stage presence demonstrated throughout the set, emitting pure energy to the rest of the room.

Stunning harmonies between the main singers Sarah Nimmo and Reva Gauntlett frequent in the set, especially in their newest hit “Dilute this” which is now available on Spotify, The group manage to create enchanting atmospheric sounds and hypnotising vocals similar to that of Man Without Country but then take it to the next level with classic EDM/house beats and guitar riffs reminiscent of the beloved xx.

Nimmo undoubtedly have the sort of sound that needs a room packed with a young lively crowd who will give the group the hyped reaction they deserve. The crowd tonight were definitely more physically engaged with Nimmo than with their main support but it was still frustrating to witness how stubbornly static the audience members were, especially when they were being played music that leaves you with no excuse not to get up and dance. However, the London group dealt with this very well. Just when you thought songs such as “He’s so alive” had come to their natural ending, Nimmo would bring it all the way to the top again out of nowhere and hit you with another body-tingling drop.

They might not have known it, but Nimmo were just what Guildford needed, a breath of fresh, revitalising air. They are making what can, at times, be a relatively dull and monotonous music genre into the exciting and uplifting experience it should be. Hopefully this group will be getting the manic, energetic audience it deserves soon as they continue to grow and tour the country.

Rating: 5/5

For fans of: Man Without Country, Eagles For Hands, London Grammar