ALBUM REVIEW. Bosco Rogers – ‘Post Exotic’

Release date: 8th July 2016 via Bleepmachine

Genre: Flower Punk/Psych-pop

Rating: ★★★1/2

Bosco Rogers consists of Barthélémy ‘Barth’ Corbelet and Delphinius ‘Del’ Vargas, and after seeing the successes of two introducing EPs, and the funky single ‘True Romance‘, the duo have put together their debut album, and we managed to get our hands on it before it’s released next month. 

The highlights of this album are varied across the kaleidoscopic spectrum this duo have created. With ‘Anvers‘ being an ulta-cool single, setting the trend for what Bosco Rogers have to offer being sharply contrasted by ‘French Kiss‘: a bass-heavy, psych-guitar track mirroring the likes of Temples. Meanwhile, the hit single True Romance‘ is pleasantly reminiscent of the melancholy sound of MGMT. This track is about “never losing your sense of curiosity or wonderment at the world” according to Del; The world is going downhill in front of our very eyes, but we still need to experience every little bit of it while there is still some real beauty remaining. 

Image: Division Media Ltd

This album is simultaneously realist and joyously psychedelic in its execution: Bosco Rogers experiment with state-of-the-world addresses and depreciating lyrics while weaving them into exuberant, 60s-esque riffs and hooks. It is the sort of album that may well represent the ultra-cool summer sound of the next few months, which is a strong reception to gain from a debut album as it makes for a promising future. Despite having full potential to reap these rewards, ‘Post Exotic‘ seems at times overly sporadic: with the differing arrangement of tracks suggesting slight confusion or misconception over exactly what Bosco Rogers is as a musical entity. But these are issues that will naturally resolve themselves, as the Franco-Anglo due continue to grow and gain confidence in there place within this messed up musical world. And we are very much looking forward to that progression.


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