LIVE REVIEW. Otherkin at The Boileroom

Date: 23 May 2017
The Boileroom, Guildford
Genre: Grunge pop
Words: Steph Baker
Photography: Aaron Crawford


Tonight’s gig reminded me of why independent venues such as The Boileroom are so important to local communities and the music industry. Seeing live music, and having unique, memorable experiences at places like these, filled with welcoming and creative people is what it’s all about, right?

Bad Nerves


The main support for Otherkin came on stage to a warm and building crowd. The first thing that made this East-London four-piece currently touring with Otherkin was the front-man’s pounding vocals. His voice travels up, down and all around, diversifying the band’s indie-rock tunes and bringing each one to life.

The crowd were engaged, and our night was kicked off with a frenzy of heavy riffs and catchy hooks, especially within the most recent single ‘Dreaming‘. This was one of the band’s final gigs with Otherkin, an yet you would never have known it with the amount of manic energy the guys brought to the room, the set was actually exhausting to keep up with, and that’s exactly how music like this is meant to be.






Otherkin are a grunge-pop frenzy from Dublin who are… quite the experience. The four-man group came onstage looking rather un-disruptive but managed to turn a politely-bobbing-your-head-along kinda Tuesday night into a sweaty, bloody mess within their first track, ‘It’s Alright‘. The crowd were pulled to the front and brought up to the same level as the band while thrashing around to the infectious ‘Why Did You Treat Me So Bad‘. In today’s music scene, over-saturated with Libertines-wannabes and inauthentic boy bands, Otherkin proudly stand out by managing to genuinely connect with the audience and bring about an uproar with their ferocious hooks, passionate lyrics and attitude filled grunge riffs.


As the country tries to digest and contemplate the truly horrific attack on a gig in Manchester, tonight’s gig is a bittersweet event. Otherkin stopped their set to express their thoughts and pay their respects, saying “Music should be a safe space for everyone” before everyone in the room took part in a minute of silence. After this emotional moment came to an end, the group summoned up all the energy they had in them with the next tune of the night, ‘Come On Hello’, something fun and positive to get everyone dancing again. Further along the night, the London boys invited everyone onto the stage, this was a moment of pure joy and madness for everyone at the Boileroom tonight, exactly what we needed. Hook-filled, manic pop tunes full of attitude and truthful tales. Otherkin are a truly class act, and a band that will inevitably continue to shake up venues across Europe this summer.


Listen to Otherkin’s latest Single ‘Bad Advicehere

The East-London boys are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


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SINGLE REVIEW. Blackwaters – So Far Out

Release date: 11th November 2016

Genre: indie-punk

Rating: ★★★★

Guildford lads Blackwaters first caught our attention whilst reeling people in and making a right ol’ noisy mess at Camden Rocks Fest in the summer, playing early hits such as ‘Fiction‘ and ‘Moon On A Stick‘. Since then, these four boys have really gone up in the world, as their following increases and their name is starting to appear on big announcements such as Live At Leeds 2017, Blackwaters are now able to get more creative and ambitious with their music – and this shows in their most recent release, So Far Out.

This is the band’s most fast-paced track yet, at the end of it you are left exhausted – but I think this is the intended effect. After a perfectly chant-able opening hook, front man, Max Tanner comes in with comical tales of drunken nights, like a young, rowdier Jamie T. The chorus hits and this is where the punk vibes shine through. With guitarist David Carpenter blasting out a strong re-verb heavy lead backed by James Watkins‘s brain-crushing drums. You instantly get the very fuzzy visualisation of your messiest ever night, and the shamelessness of it all. Blackwaters have finally managed to convey the turbulent, roughhouse action of their live performances into a recorded track, a massive accomplishment for the rising band.

The music video features the band members rushing through the streets of their hometown, Guildford with mates and various hits of madness. Check it out below.


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Release Date: 2nd July

Genre: Aggro-grunge


We first encountered female-fronted South-East band HYLA at a Boileroom gig (review here) celebrating female talent within music. This band were not only the perfect band to showcase this celebration, but they continue to demonstrate the power of women within the industry, and exactly what they are capable of. Ahead of their upcoming EP, we managed to get our hands on their new single ‘Why Blame Me’ out tomorrow (2nd July 2016) and it is a good’n.

HYLA waste no time with this track, as lead guitarist Aaron Blandford storms on with the intro littered with grungy riffs. This will have your heads banging from the first chord being struck. Then enter Vicky Holburt, a powerhouse of gloomy vocals and impassioned lyrics. The verses tell the gritty tale of an unsatisfying, substandard relationship, and all the mess that comes with it; synergy between the calm vocals and Yani’s bass lines here creates a underlying level of cynical mocking to the lyrics. The chorus sees Vicky explode in a fit of rage, with inspirations from Marmozets breaking through. The vocals become increasingly untamed as the drums (curtesy of Libby Langley) take the track to a heavier level before sinking into the smugly content lyrics “I got out easy“. ‘Why Blame Me‘ takes a surprising turn during a hardcore breakdown towards the end. Here is where HYLA indulge into what they do best, creating seemingly manic but carefully constructed bursts of dark energy and grungy vibes.

This band depart from grunge, a collective genre that remains appealing while steadily becoming somewhat dull and give life to it. The amalgamation of Vicky’s feisty voice and the musicians’ uncompromising hardcore sound result in a unique creation. You would struggle to find another alternative-grunge sound that is as aggressive and authentic as HYLA’s.

Make sure to check out HYLA’s new single on their website here
You can also connect with HYLA on here


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LIVE REVIEW – Sophie & The Giants, Machiavellis and HYLA at The Boileroom.

Date: 30 May 2016

Venue: Boileroom, Guildford

Tonight’s gig, hosted and promoted by The Boileroom and fello blog pals thnksfrthrvw was all about showcasing female-fronted bands from a variety of musical influences and genres. With a great selection of talent, a supportive crowd and good vibes all round, tonight’s gig did exactly what it set out to do.


First Support – HYLA

Image: HYLA facebook

Rating: ★★★★★

HYLA are a self-proclaimed aggro-grunge quartet who have been “smashing shit up on stage since 2015” and they are not wrong. Seconds after sneaking onto the stage, the almost silent Boileroom exploded as Libby plummeted the bass drum, with Aaron (lead guitar) and Yani (bass) accompanying with heavy grunge riffs. And then lead vocalist Vicky Holburt began to sing, everything changed. It seems this band have mastered hardcore grunge in its basic, and sometimes predictable form from day 1, and have gone onto bring something entirely new to the table in the form of impassioned lyrics and vocals. Vicky’s voice is a perfect powerhouse of darkness. She lures you in with soft but cut-throat tales of betrayal and heartbreak being glided along by Aaron’s detailed riffs before reaching whole new heights of zealous screams surrounded by energetic drum beats and resounding basslines. 

Not only do this female-fronted band play with such synergy that it is surprising they have only being going for a year, but they perform on stage as if they are playing to the sell-out crowd they deserve. As the set got more daring track-by-track, the crowd’s reaction became increasingly positive. The group (with the encouragement of guitarist Aaron) tried a hardcore rap tune that went down an absolute treat. It was the perfect demonstration of how versatile the group’s talents are, but also how stunning Vicky’s voice is, no matter what you put it to.

Check out and connect with HYLA at their official website and facebook now.

Also check out their live talents below:



Main Support – Machiavellis



Image: thnksfrthrvw


Canterbury group, The Machiavellis are another example of how much a band can progress and impress within less than a year since. The group sauntered onto the Boileroom stage and gladly showcased their distinct musicianship with a bit of instrumental jamming to warm them up before embarking on their set. The Machiavellis’ sound is led by the almost-overwhelming talents of lead guitarist, Ruben, who throughout the set continued to embrace his daring creativity and showmanship. This is an alternative-rock/grunge band that excel in instrumental abilities as well as the knack of writing 90s hooks.

This female-fronted group are intriguing to say the least, with a clear amalgamation of musical influences including the likes of Peal Jam and Patti Smith, it is the sense of adventure and experimentation that flows through their hits that makes the band one to remember. Front-woman Megg shows off a delicate, yet impassioned voice that tell relatable tales of young love and angst, this is emphasised even more in selected tracks by the use of a duel-tone pedal which separates her voice into two distinct spheres intertwining beautifully together.

This is a band worth seeing live, even if only to see how their sound is broken down into individual inputs of the members. Up-beat drums carry the melancholic tracks, while lead guitar stammers through with intricate solos. Meanwhile, rhythm guitar and bass dictate the tone of each song, from 90s grunge to more recent indie-rock. A collection of musicians have come together to form The Machiavellis who are only going to get better and better.

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Headliners – Sophie and The Giants

Rating: ★★★★☆


sophie and the giants live boileroom
Image: Boileroom instagram

This is a band that are so comfortable in their own skin and with each other that half of them played tonight’s gig barefoot, while the other half were sauntering around the stage as if they were casually jamming together at home. Te first noticeable aspect of this band, (similarly to the support bands) is how can such an impassioned, ardent voice boom out of something so petit? This local group are amply named, as front-woman, Sophie did in fact seem to be surrounded by giants in regards to the size comparisons on stage, but this is more then compensated for with her huge, Florence-esk soulful vocals.


This indie-rock quartet have mastered their distinct sound, with each member playing their part to create a tightly polished collection of future hits. Set highlights included ‘Raspberry‘ and ‘All Along Nothing‘, we even got the delight of hearing a live rendition of their latest single, Lord Knows‘ (out now) which was met with positive acclaim from the growing crowd. As the set continued, the band grew more confident and energetic; part-way through, 3/4 of the band actually exited the stage, leaving us alone with Sophie’s voice to bounce off the walls. This solo track is beautifully written, with sinister lyrics “We are all human here, does that make us twisted?” that demonstrated her independent power is only emphasised by the accompaniment of screeching guitar-riffs and powerful drum beats. As their live experience develops, this band are only going to go on the up – a perfect female-fronted indie rock gem.

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ALBUM REVIEW. Atiptoe – +Venture


Image: Failure By Design Facebook


Atiptoe are a 4-piece group from the South of England, who have been doing their thing, mixing indie-rock and pop-punk fun with local independent record label Failure By Design since 2013. After releasing two singles through 2013 and 2014 to set in the band identity and sound, they are now embarking on their debut album, ‘+Venture‘ (out now in all the right places) and the verdict is so far so good!


The band’s evolution in both musical style and confidence since their emergence in 2013 is apparent from the first words of opening track: ‘C’mon, Let’s Light This Candle‘. Front-man, Dave Sylvester‘s is especially impassioned throughout this record, as he sings the powerful lyrics that this band do so well in writing such as “Mister teacher, Mister preacher won’t you share with us the wisdom you’ve been keeping“. The album then goes onto take some risks, with some funkier-riffs in their latest single, ‘Oh, the Cleverness of Me!‘ and more delicate melodies in the beautiful track, ‘What Is Essential‘. This short instrumental track is where Atiptoe take a moment to demonstrate their brilliant musicianship that puts them apart from other typical pop-punk bands. Meanwhile, you have tracks like ‘You’ve Lost your Muchness‘ which are all about the intense build-up to the belting chorus, where all members come together to bring about an explosion of drums and heavy guitar solos. Just what we like to hear.


Atiptoe have simultaneously taken more risks musically here compared to their earlier material, with more elaborate drumming and ambient moments within tracks; the evolved vocals have also started to show a more vulnerable side to Atiptoe at times within this album. Finally, the concluding track, ‘Not Told You Half of What I Saw‘ confirms our estimations that this new material will be an impressive sight to see live. From the intricate ebs and flows of the guitar lines to Sylvester‘s ever-growing powerful vocals during a possible call-and-responce “Do you believe me now?”, this is a band will bring something new to the live indie-rock scene in their upcoming tour (dates below).


You can catch Atiptoe live at the following shows:

May 29th – Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar, Brighton. (With Merrick’s Tusk and Redwood)

May 30th – Mother’s Ruin, Bristol. (With Redwood)

May 31st – Fiddler’s Elbow, London. (With Redwood)

June 1st – Chameleon Arts Cafe, Nottingham. (With Redwood)

June 2nd – Dog & Whistle, Hertford. (With Redwood)

June 3rd – Boileroom, Guildford.

June 5th – Cellar Bar, Bracknell. (With Redwood)

June 30th – Sanctuary, Basingstoke. (With Signals)

Stream Atiptoe‘s new single, and full album now on spotify

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LIVE REVIEW. Spring King live at The Boileroom

Date: 20th May

Venue: The Boileroom, Guildford (SOLD OUT)

Main Support: Haize

This is a night that can only be described one way: A big, hot, sweaty mess.

So Manchester boys, Spring King finally grace the South-East with their presence at the best possible time. After steadily releasing smash hits such as ‘Detroit‘, ‘The Summer‘ and ‘Rectifier‘ ahead of their much-anticipated album, ‘Tell Me If You Like To‘ (out 10 June 2016), the band had plenty of new material, hype and summer vibes to work with. Additionally, the South-East’s favourite independent venueThe Boileroom proved to be the perfect hosts for this sold-out sweat and beer fuelled indie fest.


Opening support – JETTI


With a cheery, welcoming set, this four-piece from Ascot were a perfectly suited opening support act for tonight’s youthful-indie extravaganza.  

Their live material proved to be a pleasant surprise, despite having somewhat monotonous drum beats and bass lines that are, for some reason so popular within indie/alternative music, JETTI maintained a high level of energy throughout the set that got the crowd thoroughly warmed up. With catchy main guitar riffs, and the belting voice of front man, Toby Jones, the group were able to create a huge sound that is mostly lost on first support bands, and crowd favourites such as ‘I feel so alive‘ and ‘The Beach‘ were met with a warm reaction from the Guildford crowd.

JETTI are a prime example of an impressively young, indie-pop group that are starting to be on the rise in the world. They are capable of so much and when they find their distinct place and begin to take more risks with their music, they are only going to get better.

Check out their stuff on Souncloud below and catch ’em on facebook here


Main support – Haize

Rating: ★★★★☆

London boys, Haize were the perfect calm before the storm of Spring King in terms of their soft alternative-rock material and frontman’s oddly calming voice, but definitely not in terms of the crowd. Tonight the Boileroom was a blur of ‘just-had-my-first-beer’ tweens dancing and playfully shoving in an ever-growing mosh pit (Note: Can it be called a mosh-pit in an indie gig??). The lead-vocalist was looking quite apprehensive on stage, only giving the odd nervous smile and giggle when looking up at the sea of kids bouncing off each other and screaming the band’s ever-so-catchy ‘oooh’s right back at them. Meanwhile, the other members seemed to be loving it!

Haize is fronted by a charming voice, singing tales of youth, summer and love – perfect for tonight’s occasion. These tales were accompanied by the usual and irresistible indie-rock riffs that you can’t help but dance to. New material such as the group’s latest single, ‘Blue Lights‘ (out now on Soundcloud) seemed to encapsulate the set’s vibes perfectly, while old favourites such as ‘Solar‘ were stummed out effortlessly. One slightly unfortunate aspect of the set was the band members’ apparent lack of synergy and on-stage connection with each other, despite making a solid connection with the audience that was maintained throughout the set. If this was due to nerves about opening for Spring King tonight, it needn’t be an issue in the future because these guys sound great. This is a band that know exactly where they’re going, and just need to confidence to not compromise anything in the meantime.

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Headliners – Spring King



Image: Crawford Images


The wait was definitely worth it with this lot from Manchester. Within seconds of the members emerging on stage, the Boileroom transformed from a room of increasingly inpatient, near-to-flagging teens into a merging sea of hands and loud screams. It was a magic trick. The band opened with long-term fan-favourite ‘Better Man‘ which unsurprisingly turned into a riotous yet glorious mess. Then went onto show us the yet-to-be-released title track of the upcoming album: ‘Tell Me If You Like To‘ (10 June 2016) which was met with gratifying cheers and only made us more excited for its full release!


Image: Crawford Images


It is impressive to say the least watching front-man, Tarek Musa, manage to belt out lyrics with such persistent energyy  while banging the drums with such ferociousness. It was (reassuringly) not as easy as it was made to look, as he soon observed “oh look, cut my hand already” after their first song of the night. All members of the band continue to push out so much energy onto the crowd that it is unsurprising to see how they were swirling around the moshpits and bouncing off the walls all night. Guitarist Peter Darlington is especially strong at leading the crowd chants during tunes such as ‘Who Are You‘ and ‘The Summer‘. This is a band that you just have to see live, even if only to see them coordinate their individual talents on stage to recreate their huge roundhouse sound, and definitely for the atmosphere.

It was nice to see that Spring King enjoyed Guildford as much as Guildford enjoyed them, too. On several occasions throughout the set, they exclaimed that the Boileroom were “the best fucking crowd we’ve had all tour”, and I am not surprised. It was wild.


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Stream Spring King’s latest bangers below:

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NEWS. Spring King are coming to the Boileroom, Guildford 20/05/2016

Spring King are a post-punk quartet from Manchester that have been turning heads all over while playing acclaimed sets at SXSW and Austin City Limits. Our best local indie venue, the Boileroom is now lucky enough to be graced with their presence which is sure to shake up Guildford this Friday night

Spring King have been building a reputation of providing a live music experience, rather than the monotonous reciting of their new youtube hits that we see so much of these days with young, indie punk bands. With banging singles such as ‘The Summer‘ and ‘Rectifier‘ being released ahead of their debut LP, ‘Tell Me If You Like To‘ (Out 10 June via Island Records), these guys have new material that you are bound to be drunkenly singing along to soon enough.

Spring King are to be joined with support from Reading boys, Haize and the interesting sounds of JETTI. This show is sure to be the full package of indie and punk magic in Guildford.

Make sure to come down early!


Check out the event page here for timings and tickets.


Baker out.

INTRODUCING BLEACH – Guildford band making their mark on the local scene with new single ‘See’.

BLEACH consists of vocalist Sam and guitarist/keys player Ben.
They are fresh onto the local music scene with their ambient/alternative sounds and the kind of vocals you can imagine reverberating around the room eerily during a gig. They’ve got a growing online following and have just released new track ‘See‘ (link below)
I got to catch up with the Guildford boys and learn a bit about what they do.

So what’s your band’s background? Where you guys from, how did you get together? 
“We’re just over a year away from getting out of school, so we’re kind of trying to balance work with producing our own music. The two of us started doing music together a couple of years ago, but the sound we have developed now has come about relatively recently in the last few months. We’re from Guildford, so that’s where we’re targeting our gigs at the moment (the Boileroom and such), mainly just trying to find promoters and venues in the area that like our kind of material.”
Well, Guildford is a good creative community so it’s a good place to be at the moment. So, where does the inspiration behind your image come from?

“Our musical inspirations are varied, we’re inspired by alternative artists such as Radiohead but also the likes of Bombay Bicycle Club. Our guitar driven influences come from the likes of Catfish and the Bottlemen and Ben Howard – That kinda style. In terms of our image, we’ve got most of our creative ideas all from a picture of a half finished self-portrait my friend was working on (see below), and for some reason, I really liked its fragmented image so I just kind of went with it, so that idea is probably something with stick with in the future.”

Image: Soundcloud


How’s recording going? I loved the demo of “in place” when will this single be released? 
“In terms of recording, we’ve got demo singles on Soundcloud at the moment, hopefully going to get an EP out in the coming months, just to get a general sense of our musical style out there. I’m also sure once we get more exposure we’ll re-release some better quality recordings- although it’s worth saying that ‘In Place’ is the roughest recording we have and the ones coming after it will be much better. We’re in the process of writing quite a few songs, but after we’ve made them it’s a matter of sorting through them and deciding which ones will represent us best.
What’s the main composition of BLEACH then and how have you grown musically over time? 
“We split the live instruments between the two of us. Ben plays most of the guitar and keyboard parts, and Sam plays the drum machine and sometimes synth and guitar. We’re quite diverse like that. Our focus is perfecting how it sounds in the studio, and then we tend to work out the live way of playing afterwards. We’re looking into using new samplings and electronic sounds to mix in with the guitar. Y’know, something different.”

BLEACH‘s new track  ‘See‘ is certainly not your typical first single release. The seamless harmonies continue to flow, creating a calm as a layered guitar riff continues to build throughout. The perfect track to showcase what this band are all about, and pull you in just in time for what’s to come.
Listen to it now below:
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Live Review of Beach Baby, Babeheaven and Big Bug

Date: 2nd May 2016

Venue: The Boileroom, Guildford

Genre: Indie-pop

There’s nowhere else I would rather be on an otherwise dull Tuesday evening than at a gig. Tonight I saw the long-awaited Beach Baby play on the last night of their first UK headline tour, and also got introduced to two cool up-and-coming bands. I think Guildford’s independent venue, the Boileroom was the perfect place to host all three.


Big Bug

Big Bug is comprised of Charlie, John, and George; with origins in both London and Guildford. This bad were a good opener to warm up the crowd and get them off their feet. What started out as quite an unmemorable set transformed into quite the opposite once lead vocalist, John revealed the impressive set of lungs on him. As pleasurable pop tunes were being belted out by the trio, I began to get the feeling songs such as ‘I Don’t Believe in Love’ would be badly sung by a group of drunks somewhere at 2am tonight – the perfect end-of-the-night-sing-a-long song.

As front man, John, flounced around the stage, it was hard to decide whether he was more immersed into the music he and the boys were creating or more immersed into his high. Either way, their performance was a good one, with their new single, ‘Painted Blue’ sounding like a potentially perfect gloomy-pop anthem and their set receiving a warm reception from the audience. Hopefully, things will only get bigger and better for this trio.

Rating: 3/5

Check out their facebook here

Check out their soundcloud and stream their single here:



The musical dream this group creates speaks for itself.


I bumped into Nancy and the guys from Babeheaven and got to hang out with them momentarily before they went on stage. Nancy seemed simultaneously nervous and excited to end their first UK tour with Beach Baby with a bang, and the guys were telling me how they indulged in a ‘when in Rome’ moment and played a pre-gig football match (Babeheaven V Beach Baby) in the local Waitrose carpark – Can’t get much more Surrey than that!

I had heard Babeheaven songs dotted around the place in the weeks leading up to tonight, and was excited to see them live, but nothing could have prepared me for Nancy’s voice. Her delicate but haunting voice paired with the ambient guitar/keys created an indie dream floating around the room on a cloud.

The unique sounds that the individuals of this London-based group each created just fitted together perfectly. Many indie bands of late tend to sacrifice vocal quality for edgy guitar riffs and catchy monotone hooks, this group does quite the opposite of jumping onto that bandwagon. Everything is assembled around Nancy’s voice – and rightly so! It was the pinnacle of the set and the highlight of the night. With pretty much every musician multi-tasking between instruments that come in at the perfect moment on each track, this band  (with, surprisingly, only one single out so far) demonstrated the type of on-stage synergy that is usually only seen in much more established bands.

The first single of their’s, ‘Heaven‘ was performed with grace and poise. Just as I was being taken into a trance of spacey sounds and gentle words, steel drums came out of nowhere to both enhance the beat of the song and bring me right back down to earth. Other great tracks included ‘Listen to Me’ and ‘Run Away‘, I cannot wait to see these tunes transpire into indie-pop hits and the most wanted 7inch vinyls around.

Rating: 5/5

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Check our their soundcloud here:


Beach Baby

Getting better and better while perfecting their profession a little bit more with every gig.


I first discovered Beach Baby when their single came through my letterbox as part of a Flying Vinyl release, and I knew from the first chord being struck that this was a band that were going to make an impact on the alternative scene.

As they made their entrance onto the stage, the guitarist spoke “You guys are in for a treat”, and they were not wrong. With the harmonies that are casually dotted around their tracks being excecuted with perfection throughout the set, the Beach Baby boys filled the room with their summery feel-good indie hits for the evening. They even managed to warm up the predominantly ‘too cool’ audience of Guildford enough to see some head bobs and foot taps which is certainly an echievement here.

This group, after a long time grinding through the alternative-pop scene looking for a big break, are now oozing out confidence in their polished hits on their first UK headline tour. However, it could be said that tonight’s performance felt ever-so-slightly complacent. Whether it is due to the Boileroom being the band’s last stop on their nationwide tour, leaving them tired and overworked, or the band are becoming overly content with their performances, I’m not sure. But at times, especially when either two front men were singing solo, the dulled-down vocals that are so easy to fall into with ultra-cool, Vaccines-esk music were pushed out to the room. However, this lack of energy was compensated for through humerous chats with the audience inbetween tracks and the clever spacing-out of the band’s best hits and audience favourites within the set.

Beach Baby’s indie-pop hits with their clever lyrics and lovely meloncholly undertones are taking the UK by storm, and tonight I could see why. Overall, I am confident in this band’s journey to indie-pop celebrity status and ability to keep bringing good vibes.

Rating: 4/5

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Baker out. 

Princess Slayer – Living EP review


Here is a review I wrote for WePlugGoodMusic

Release Date: 27th November 2015


Princess Slayer consists of Casey Lim, known for her soulful voice and hypnotic stage presence during live performances and drummer, Vince Welch, also of Black Futures fame, known for standing up while he plays.

Princess Slayer first emerged onto the EDM scene from Guildford with hits such as Passion Alley and Snake Skin. After the great success of their Living EP, the duo have gifted anyone in the electro-pop market, looking for something different with their new Single EP, featuring the radio edit of the title track followed by a variety of excellent mixes.

The radio edit itself is a brilliant showcase of Princess Slayer’s ability. It begins with lead vocalist Casey’s serenading, with elevating lyrics such as “say with me, I am the maker of my life”. It then bursts into the type of chorus that would fill a room instantly, and leave the crowd singing the hook “still living” long after it’s ceased, everyone and anyone can connect with this song and the uplifting meaning behind it. We then have the extended mix, with more comprehensive mixing leaving the listener with a broader, more inclusive experience of the track.

Next up is the Craig Chino mix. With fun, house type back beats and heavier drops, this mix is the type of track you would see a DJ be proud to be the first to premier at a club. With an alternative voice layered over the top, the track transforms into a glorious assortment of club sounds and rhythms.

However, the best mix of this track has to be the White Panther Mix. This track stays true to what Princess Slayer strive to do, with the main vocals resonating throughout the track, but then takes it one step further. The totally entrancing sounds, with Casey’s voice floating through carry the weight of this track, and with heavier, richer drumming the mix goes through the motions. The listener is dragging up with it, only to have the beat drop to reveal some dirty electro/EDM beats. This is what Princess Slayer is all about, creating a cool, flexible foundation and then experimenting with it using new-wave electronic beats and captivating vocals.


After releasing this single EP, and with a Summer of gigging, and making their mark on the UK festival scene under their belts – including a set at Glastonbury on the BBC Introducing Stage – this duo are set to do great things. We look forward to a debut album.


The Living single EP is out now on iTunes.