Release Date: 2nd July

Genre: Aggro-grunge


We first encountered female-fronted South-East band HYLA at a Boileroom gig (review here) celebrating female talent within music. This band were not only the perfect band to showcase this celebration, but they continue to demonstrate the power of women within the industry, and exactly what they are capable of. Ahead of their upcoming EP, we managed to get our hands on their new single ‘Why Blame Me’ out tomorrow (2nd July 2016) and it is a good’n.

HYLA waste no time with this track, as lead guitarist Aaron Blandford storms on with the intro littered with grungy riffs. This will have your heads banging from the first chord being struck. Then enter Vicky Holburt, a powerhouse of gloomy vocals and impassioned lyrics. The verses tell the gritty tale of an unsatisfying, substandard relationship, and all the mess that comes with it; synergy between the calm vocals and Yani’s bass lines here creates a underlying level of cynical mocking to the lyrics. The chorus sees Vicky explode in a fit of rage, with inspirations from Marmozets breaking through. The vocals become increasingly untamed as the drums (curtesy of Libby Langley) take the track to a heavier level before sinking into the smugly content lyrics “I got out easy“. ‘Why Blame Me‘ takes a surprising turn during a hardcore breakdown towards the end. Here is where HYLA indulge into what they do best, creating seemingly manic but carefully constructed bursts of dark energy and grungy vibes.

This band depart from grunge, a collective genre that remains appealing while steadily becoming somewhat dull and give life to it. The amalgamation of Vicky’s feisty voice and the musicians’ uncompromising hardcore sound result in a unique creation. You would struggle to find another alternative-grunge sound that is as aggressive and authentic as HYLA’s.

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Baker out.