SINGLE REVIEW. The Big Moon – Formidable

Released: OUT NOW

Genre: Alternative-rock

Rating: ★★★★

The Big Moon have been on the rise for the past year now in playing notable shows around the nation with big names, and having a growing, passionate fan-base. With an extrovert-like, 90s girl-punk style and all the right sounds, The Big Moon have comfortably made a name for themselves within the London alternative scene, however this single – released ahead of the debut album ‘Love In The 4th Dimension’ out April next year – demonstrates how the female quartet are moving out of their comfort zone, and exploring a new world of dark, indie fuzz.

love_in_the_4th_dimension_tbm_low_res-jpg-768x768The track opens with the familiar voice of front-woman Juliette emerging with the oh-so-cynical rhyme “Did she make you swallow all your pride, does the love still shiver down your spine” before a gentle crescendo of reverb and bass. The slightly ominous “oooh” echoed by all of the girls calm the air before the chorus ignites. The band really bring it in the chorus, and this is the point you realise how much The Big Moon have really progressed since their early releases; with powerful vocals that could get any room chanting out loud and some of the heaviest guitar and thunderous drums we have heard yet. This band have the capability to bring all the noise and carnage you could ever need, while still having the control to execute haunting harmonies and more delicate tones, something that works so well with this type of music.

The only drawback to this release is the length of it. Leaving the listener wanting more is always a good move (it certainly worked), but the girls still could have reached even higher levels of intensity and experimented more with this new sound if they had given the track some more time. However, this seems to be a song that could be developed and expanded greatly during a live set. Let’s hope for more dark magic such as this in the album.

You can listen to ‘Formidable‘ now here and pre-order the debut album here.

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SINGLE REVIEW. Blackwaters – So Far Out

Release date: 11th November 2016

Genre: indie-punk

Rating: ★★★★

Guildford lads Blackwaters first caught our attention whilst reeling people in and making a right ol’ noisy mess at Camden Rocks Fest in the summer, playing early hits such as ‘Fiction‘ and ‘Moon On A Stick‘. Since then, these four boys have really gone up in the world, as their following increases and their name is starting to appear on big announcements such as Live At Leeds 2017, Blackwaters are now able to get more creative and ambitious with their music – and this shows in their most recent release, So Far Out.

This is the band’s most fast-paced track yet, at the end of it you are left exhausted – but I think this is the intended effect. After a perfectly chant-able opening hook, front man, Max Tanner comes in with comical tales of drunken nights, like a young, rowdier Jamie T. The chorus hits and this is where the punk vibes shine through. With guitarist David Carpenter blasting out a strong re-verb heavy lead backed by James Watkins‘s brain-crushing drums. You instantly get the very fuzzy visualisation of your messiest ever night, and the shamelessness of it all. Blackwaters have finally managed to convey the turbulent, roughhouse action of their live performances into a recorded track, a massive accomplishment for the rising band.

The music video features the band members rushing through the streets of their hometown, Guildford with mates and various hits of madness. Check it out below.


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SINGLE REVIEW. False Heads – ‘Thick Skin’

Genre: Crack punk-rock


So Iggy Pop has declared his commendations of this young band, saying “These kids make a lot of noise, I like it” and it’s not hard to understand why. It’s fair to say that there’s a hell of a buzz swirling around the young East London trio False Heads right now, and this new single represents their effortless response of ‘well…duh’.


Thick Skin‘ follows on from the successful ‘Steal & Cheat‘ which successfully got their name on all the right boards, and it similarly goes straight into the deep end from the first chord struck. As front man Luke‘s words of apathy slowly drip out the guitars are blaring and chaotic mess that you can’t help but get sucked into.

The chorus sees the group speed up the pace, it’s hard to tell if they are explosively riotous or indifferent as they sing “What a waste in the end” I don’t even think they know themselves but it is contagious. The music video for ‘Thick Skin‘ shows the three lads struggling to escape from a constrictive trap and tug-of-war, and despite it being filmed in a shitty field somewhere in true youthful angst style, this song could be related to a lot of different situations: whether it be on the road or in a small venue moshing your heart out, as long as you’ve got a Fosters (or any other substandard beer) in your hand False Heads will provide the perfect snotty-punk soundtrack.

One thing’s for sure, there’s a palpable excitement brewing around False Heads, and with a series of new releases set to follow across this year, it looks like their rise is only set to continue in 2016.

Check out the new music video: 

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SINGLE REVIEW. Jamie T – Tinfoil Boy

Release Date: 30th June

Genre: Alternative/post-punk


The man is back, and boy does he know how drip feed us. After the boom of his first two albums (Panic Prevention 2007, Kings & Queens 2009), Jamie T has got into the habit of leaving one to five years in between releases. As he returns to the scene, even if only momentarily, we have several questions to greet this release. Where has Jamie T been? What’s he been doing? The answer is who knows, all we know is while chilling in Detroit he decided to record the crushing ‘Tinfoil Boy’ in a moment of spontaneity – and it is great to have him back.

jamie t

The song opens with the taunting giggles of a women which evolves seamlessly into Jamie setting the scene with calm vocals and rather subtle bass lines. Suddenly “he’s a Tinfoil Boy…” is blasted down the line repeatedly as a heavy riff develops and sounds reminiscent of Rage Against The Machine seep through as the drum beat is thrown around is a fit of delirium. The deprecating lyrics of the verses seem to be written with a new air of maturity, while the chorus allows the London troublemaker to lash out and explore the heavier side of his post-punk music. Finally we are left with the lyric “It’s times like this I feel tripped into waking up” reminding us of the intense and ominous tone lying under his most recent albumCarry On The Grudge that seems to have had a long-lasting affect.


So far there is no word on whether this is simply a ‘just felt like it’ single drop or the beginning of the journey to a new album. Jamie T has always been good at keeping his fans waiting and wondering, but we are certainly hoping it is the latter.

Stream the new single ‘Tinfoil Boy’ here


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SINGLE REVIEW. Cross Wires – ‘Pink Dogs’

Genre: Post-punk

Rating: ★★★★

Cross Wires consists of four guys who come together from Essex and East London to make lots of post-punk noise, and they’re starting to get rather good at it too. The release of ‘Pink Dogs‘ ahead of their debut album to be released this Autumn is the perfect introduction to Cross Wires.
The track opens with an ominously tame guitar melody from Peter Mullar (Guitar) which is hammered to the ground by the aggressive but playful drumming of Ian Clarke. Some proper punk vibes are sent out from the bridge, with building vocals curtesy of front-man Jonathan Chapman, the kind that would get anyone nice and rilled up ready for the big show. The Chorus is where this track gets interesting, with a curiously indie-rock guitar riff that blares through Chapman’s vocal declarations of rage and angst – a refreshing aspect that lifts the track up above the sea of other predictable post-punk music.
Image: Cross Wires Facebook
As Ian’s drumming carries on relentlessly, Chapman’s vocals and style begin to become more reminiscent of Paul Weller (The Jam). As energy levels are kept at an almost Brit-pop high while simultaneously keeping the irresistible punk-characteristic of discontent and frustration, it is clear that Cross Wires are not just another nostalgic copy-cat band, but a new-wave group that brings a fresh range to the world of post-punk.
With a reputation for bringing their all at live shows and standing out from the overly-optimistic ‘tweens’ that attempt to recreate true punk, this band are sure to do well if the rest of their debut is anything like this.

Listen to ‘Pink Dogs‘ and other beauties from Cross Wires here:

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SINGLE REVIEW. Late Night Legacy – ‘Of Our Times’

Release date: 19th June 2016

Genre: Bluesy Rock


The new boys on the scene from Leeds bring refreshing, bluesey undertones to their rock sound. After mastering their craft with numerous live performances and a debut single ‘Light It Up‘ released earlier this year, they return with a promising second single that s sure to get them noticed. 

Of Our Time‘ is centred around feelings of angst and rivalry against the ‘nay sayers’, a tale of the underdogs struggling through ongoing issues that come with life in the norm. It opens with a assertive riff, laying the foundations on behalf of guitarist Rob Orange. Front man Ryan Kitto enters into the song full of confidence and energetic vocals that bounce along the melodies, with softening harmonies emerging in and out. Suddenly the chorus kicks off, and suddenly you understand Late Night Legacy‘s live performance reputation, as Ryan blares out lyrics “of our time” with the sort of voice that would reverberate through music venues with excitement.

Although it is somewhat monotonous at times, this is not a typical ‘playing it safe’ second single, it is a passionate hit with catchy alternative-rock hooks and a bouncy blues undertone. With Ryan’s soulful voice and the band’s creativity that you can hear peeking through, once these guys grow in exposure, they’ll be able to go to full potential with their songwriting for sure.

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Label: Yellow Brick Music

Genre: 80s electro-pop


Lads from Hull have been anything but complacent in their efforts to bring back the 80s and take over with their authentic electo-pop. Since meeting at university and moving their base to Manchester, they have shared the stage with the likes of Alt-J and Circa Waves in support, and produced a debut EP oozing with charm and self-assurance in their niche sound.

Runaway‘ is the lead single from AFFAIRS’ debut EP, ‘Stained Gold‘ (Out now, link below), this is a risky debut to release due to the seemingly uncompromising 80s-esk style and obscure synth-heavy foundations. However, it seems as though it might just pay off, especially when looking to this track. It’s no wonder AFFAIRS are gaining a respectable reputation for delivering considered lyrics and theatrical live performances harrowing the kind of fringe/indie-pop curated by The Smiths. The dreamy guitar melodies, and obscure use of synths demonstrated in ‘Runaway‘ creates an ageless 80s-esk vibes with an authenticity that is rare to find as they tell melancholy tales of the rises and falls experienced within youthful nightlife. This is then brought not to the present but to the future with electro-pop type drums and the harrowing, intriguing vocals. Although the vocal range sounds at times slightly strained, it is balanced out by the intrusive, pounding chorus vocals that would probably do very well live.

This band could be summed up as the love-child of Depeche Mode and Morrissey, born today. Is the world ready for that child to develop and grow adventurous in its endevours? Only time will tell, but AFFAIRS will likely be doing their thing either way.

Check out ‘Runaway‘ here:


Listen to the full ‘Stained Gold‘ EP here:

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(Image: Clash Magazine)

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INTRODUCING. ArchiveX with single ‘Hard Times’

Regardless of tastes and preferences, ArchiveX will prove to be one of the most intriguing and alluring artists on your radar right now. You will understand why when you listen to the anonymous artist’s most recent single (released last week), ‘Hard Times‘ (link below).
This California-based artist is a tough cookie to crack: is he a gospel angel? Is he hip-hop? Is that a bit of mowtown thrown in there? No one knows. But we want more. The most recent single, ‘Hard Times‘ is making its rounds and being picked up by people all over the place, it is the perfect introduction to the powerhouse of soul that is ArchiveX. We begin with a very old-school piano melody being set down as the foundations of this track, it’s then continuously build upon with bass bringing the depth needed to suck us in. Then all of a sudden, just when you start to fall into a daze due to the artist’s irresistibly soulful vocals, telling us heartbreaking tales we get thrown into a reverb-heavy bass drop out of nowhere as the vocals go to the next level of crazy.

On the other side of the spectrum, upcoming single ‘Drink The Water‘ is a whole different story. With classic blues vocals reminiscent of the likes of Percy Mayfield and Ray Charles, and a sharply contrasting bassy undertone to the whole affair, you begin to wonder how one artist is capable of plucking themes and sounds from a melting pot of influences to create such a varied repertoire. If these completely distinct singles are anything to go by, ArchiveX’s debut album ‘Some Ungodly Hour‘ set to be released later this summer should be something very interesting and distinct from anything else.



Give ArchiveX a listen and make up your own mind here:

Music Video of latest single ‘Hard Times‘ here


Some more ArchiveX magic:

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SINGLE REVIEW. Tusks – ‘Torn’

Release Date: 7th June 2016

Genre: Alternative Electro-pop



Tusks, fresh from the Great Escape Festival with her beautiful voice that has moved so many, has released a new single ‘Torn’ ahead of the release of her second EP, ‘False’ (out tomorrow, 10th June).


This track represents Tusks coming into her own, the confidence exudes from the bass notes and somewhat elusive vocal range showcased by the young London artist. It is exciting to see her begin to experiment with vocals and the changing tone of her music. The electronic influences fused from the likes of Disclosure and The xx compliment Tusks greatly, the eb and flow of this track creates a stunning journey for all to hear.

We’re sure that if the rest of the EP is like this, then Tusks will prove to be an even more interesting live act than she already is. What is so noteworthy about this artists is that she is proudly responsible for every sound, beat, and movement within her music, she paints her music onto a canvas, organically building it up until we are given a full experience such as this single.


Listen to ‘Torn’ now below:

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SINGLE REVIEW. Slaughter Beach – ‘Glaze’


Danish trio, Slaughter Beach are steadily making a name for themselves across Europe. With a sold debut EP, ‘Love/Venice‘ being met with delight two years ago, the boys are back, with their biggest and boldest endevour yet.  

Opens with a psychadellic riff, brought down to earth with a low electro-bass line before immursing you into an intense dreamy state. The chorus is huge, with the sort of peculiar voice that would make for a memorable night at gigs and festivals. The undertones of imperfect youth that excude from the likes MGMT are pleasantly balanced out with levels of careless elation and freedom that create a sort of indie bliss.

Salughter Beach are a mysterious bunch to say the least, with singles popping up every now and then, and sporadic influences from both their homeland and the likes of Elliot Smith and Smashing Pumkins from America and the UK. ‘Glaze‘ is certainly a step up from their debut EP, but you still get the feeling from listening to it that this trio still have a few surprises up their sleeves, and we’re just going to have to wait for them. This is the sort of band that could explode on the alternative scene in no time, and this single shows that perfectly.



Listen to Slaughter Beach‘s massive new tune below:

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(Feature image: Third Outing)


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