EP REVIEW. Newborn’s new self-titled release


Release Date: June 14th

Genre: Alternative Rock


Apprehensions are running high ahead of New York’s fresh alternative-rock quartet, Newborn’s debut EP release (Out June 14th). After interviewing the band (check it out here) and knowing how excited they are for this release, you can hear straight away that these boys are trying hard, and it just might have worked.

The opening track, ‘Runaround’ is characterised by the funk bass line running throughout the song reminiscent of early Red Hot Chilli Peppers, which makes for a somewhat mocking-style of front-man Allen’s romanticised criticisms of the youth of today. The heavy guitar sounds that peak at the choruses is where Newborn put their individual mark onto this track; it is steadily becoming their trademark.

The track ‘Gravity’ is the EP’s dark angel. With lyrics such as “drift away on liquid dreams, will you find out what they mean?” Newborn have made their next passionate endeavour into a troubled-love song since the first single ‘Beautiful Disguise’, with their own heavy twist. With Allen’s delicate vocal range during the reassuring “you won’t fall with me, I’ll be your gravity” Newborn here expose their vulnerable side, a very honest quality.

The subsequent hit, ‘Innocent Guilt’ continues to showcase the guitar style that Newborn are currently mastering, although it could be seen as slightly monotonous, it is more than overcompensated for by the alluring first single released by the band ‘Beautiful Disguise’. It is evident from not only Allen’s vocals but also Blake’s (drums) purposeful pacing of the song that this is an important release for the band – their first beauty. The rerelease of this track results in us listening to it from a different, even more appreciative perspective.

We are left with the lighter, more delicate track, ‘Old Soul’ to close this EP. With a soulful, bouncing guitar melody, and the amorous, you could almost be forgiven for thinking this band have a romantic side.

This self-titled release is sure to result in big progressions for New York’s Newborn, with an increasingly varying repertoire of talent and potential, the live performances are sure to be interesting, as well as the world is sure to start noticing these guys.


Newborn‘ is to be release June 14th on Soundcloud. 

Listen to the single, ‘Beautiful Disguise‘ here:


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INTERVIEW. Introducing New York’s Newborn

Newborn. An alternative-rock trio from Brooklyn, NY. Made up of Allen, Eric, and Blake.

Newborn are an energetic, alternative sensation that have risen up from Brooklyn and are definitely ones to watch both in the UK and the US. After their first EP, ‘Broken Virgo‘, gained a positive response on the local scene, they are now looking to broaden their horizons and cement in their band identity with their new self-titled EP (To be released June 14th). With a strong online following and an ever-growing local fanbase, this group are headed to do great things. Check out their new single below.

I got to catch up with Allen (Lead vocals and guitar) to discuss their background, inspirations, and future plans. 

Hey guys, so you guys have been doing your thing and growing as a band since 2013. How did you guys first get together? And how have you grown as musicians over time? 



Image: Soundcloud

Eric and I, who had been close friends since high school,  decided to start a band in 2013, although I don’t think we really got our start until December of 2014. We were trying to be a 4-piece band but our first year was a mess of lineup changes . Finding a drummer was the biggest problem. We met Blake through a mutual friend in 2014. Our bass player at the time soon left the band. We eventually grew tired of looking for band members so Eric made the switch from rhythm guitar to bass and we became a three piece. On December 28th, 2014 we played our first show as a trio. We’ve grown quite a lot. I for one, had never sung before until we started the band. Eric never played the bass before.


I think what matured the most, though, even in the course of just over a year was our songwriting.”



You seem to write quite personal songs, such as beautiful disguise, what would you say is the main inspiration behind your songwriting? 

“It’s so many different things, to be honest with you. Every song is different. Beautiful Disguise, for example, began as a bass riff that Eric would play at rehearsals. He said it reminded him of people in masquerade masks dancing in a ballroom. So that sparked the idea for me to continue a masquerade theme musically and lyrically. The song is about using beauty to hide one’s vulnerability. Often times that beauty comes with a touch of cruelty. “



How do you find the music scene around New York with so many creative people everywhere? Is it positive or quite challenging? 

“It certainly is challenging, but we see that as a positive. Sure there are thousands of musicians here but it only makes us work harder and strive to be better. We are incredibly blessed to live in NYC. There are so many venues, festivals, events…etc., music here is alive and kicking.



Do you guys have any plans to come over to the UK soon? I reckon you would get quite a positive reaction here!

“Thank you! The UK is definitely on our list. We have been gaining a lot of fans  there through social media. Unfortunately, it’s a bit difficult for us financially to travel overseas. We all have day jobs and rent to pay (that’s the true challenge of living in New York). But where there’s a will there’s a way. I know it will happen one day. Hopefully soon!”


newborn trio
Image: Facebook




So you’ve got one EP down last year, and a new one coming up this June, how has the writing process gone for the new EP, have you guys done something different with this one? 

“We recorded it in a new studio and the production quality sounds lightyears ahead of our first EP. We never really had a writing process aimed at an EP specifically.  Songwriting is just a part of our lives and all 5 songs were just chosen out of the 20+ songs we had written this past year. I think this EP  differs from the first in the sense that these songs represent our style and our sound better. It gives us a much stronger identity as a band. That’s why we self-titled it.”



 What are you plans for the future, ie going on tour after the new EP launch?

“We have a big EP release show on June 19th at The Knitting Factory, Brooklyn. We will most certainly be gigging a lot in NYC. We also would like to plan a tour of the local states on the east coast. We’re really looking forward to this summer!”

Newborn’s latest music video:

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