INTERVIEW with YELLOW SHOOTS following single ‘Stormy Weather’

Following his emotional and elusive single ‘Stormy Weather‘ (out now, link below), New York artist, YELLOW SHOOTS has been experimenting, planning and exploring other musical influences. We got to hear all about it in this interview.

stromy weather single YELLOW SHOOTS
Image: Yellow Shoots soundcloud
How does this single differ from your past releases and how have the reactions to it been?
Stormy Weather‘ was a really comfortable song to write for me. I actually completed it in less than a few hours, which ultimately made the process extremely honest and personal. The overall reaction to the song has been great. People seem to connect to it and understand it.
You have worked with features artists in the past such as Mayo and Faja, do you enjoy collaborating?
Yes. I really do. I feel that in order to grow you need to collaborate. Collaboration isn’t easy, so it forces you to work with other people’s work styles and values.
How do you find the music scene to be in New York? 
I think the music scene here is pretty awesome from an international perspective. There are some many people here from all over the world following their dreams. That really makes NYC a place where you’ll see something out of the ordinary quite often. I really like popping into an unknown bar and seeing a band play.
Are you looking to move or travel any time soon?
Moving- no. Traveling-yes. I’ll be heading to LA to do some writing soon. I’m also planning to do some shows in the UK and Australia.
What are your main influences and inspirations for your unique RnB sound? 
Actually most of them are non-RnB groups. Bands like Radiohead and Yes. Tame Impala has been a great influence lately.  A lot of jazz influences like Wayne Shorter and Robert Glasper too.
What are your plans for the future?
Currently working on a few music videos and my live show. I’ll also have a new EP for you in about a month or so.

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