LIVE REVIEW. In Dynamics at The Boston Music Room

Date: 30 November 2016                                                                                 Genre: Alternative-Rock

Venue: The Boston Music Room, London                                                Words: Steph Baker


In Dynamics sauntered onto stage at the semi-filled Boston Music Room in North London, and soon managed to pull the scattered groups of people into a front-facing, engaged crowd just with their opening track filled with raging hooks and the chantable lyrics “you pull apart“.

It is clear from the get-go that this Sussex group are capable of both creating huge explosive sounds that fill rooms whilst also maintaining full control, particularly over vocals, preventing it from turning destructive – a highly admirable ability. As the trio continue their set, the outstanding level of musical craftsmanship and scrupulous songwriting that runs through every note played is unmissable. img_2791

It is difficult to pinpoint which bands this group have arisen from, due to the complex mix of classic rock and pop-punk that intertwine with playful drum beats and lyrics hooks; during heavy-hearted instrumental breakdowns you even get a taste of some prog. Each member knows their role and executes it with strong precision, as the front man Beau Boulden‘s vocals provide vulnerability while telling their story, William Wrench‘s bass lines bring about depth to the scenario. The most entertaining aspect of this band is watching the harmonies being constructed – with William’s bassey (ha – geddit?) voice and Beau’s towering high notes fused to constantly take the song to the next level, especially during ‘Vital’.

It was refreshing to see that In Dynamics are not afraid to get creative with the musical structure and composition of their offerings, breaking the sometimes monotonous trends within new alternative rock music. The highlight of the set was probably ‘Another Minute’, the track taking the audience on a powerful journey brought down to earth by Beau’s emotive lyrics. The trio have recently released a live recording on YouTube and it’s a perfect introduction into the capabilities of this band, check it out below.


You can check out In Dynamics on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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SINGLE REVIEW. The Fem Doms – ‘Dropped’

Released: Out now


The Fem Doms comprise of four dudes and two girls from New York who have been creating trendy psych-rock noise for just over a year. Ahead of their upcoming EP ‘Attic‘, they have ‘dropped’ this lil’ number (get it). It is an instantly gratifying tune with catchy hooks a meaningful backstory.

The track opens with a fiery foundation of guitar riffs, it no wonder their sound consists of many layers of riffs with three guitarists in the band. As the front man, Chris sings of watching from afar as a friend descends into their demons, there is a strong connection made with this impassioned lyrics detailing the all-too-frequent hardship of losing loved ones to drugs and other vices. The chorus then sees head-bang worthy drums and a much larger vocal presence during “But I never tried”, the sort of chorus that would be belted across the room by everyone in the crowd at a gig. This song, along with previously released ‘Flood Town‘ and ‘THUMP‘ have the sort of courageous sound for a less-established band that only the real deal could master, it brings both a feeling of excitement for what’s to come as well as a gratifying familiarity.

13558879_985159751582848_1031543266256001211_oAs the band go on tour around America (sorry UK) this summer they are sure to bring together the early-committers and the lucky people who won’t know what’s hit them. The Fem Doms are definitely a Lock In Music’s ‘Ones To Watch’


The Fem Doms are now on tour!

Get tickets and info here and give them a like while you’re at it.




Check out the new single ‘Dropped‘:



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SINGLE REVIEW. Late Night Legacy – ‘Of Our Times’

Release date: 19th June 2016

Genre: Bluesy Rock


The new boys on the scene from Leeds bring refreshing, bluesey undertones to their rock sound. After mastering their craft with numerous live performances and a debut single ‘Light It Up‘ released earlier this year, they return with a promising second single that s sure to get them noticed. 

Of Our Time‘ is centred around feelings of angst and rivalry against the ‘nay sayers’, a tale of the underdogs struggling through ongoing issues that come with life in the norm. It opens with a assertive riff, laying the foundations on behalf of guitarist Rob Orange. Front man Ryan Kitto enters into the song full of confidence and energetic vocals that bounce along the melodies, with softening harmonies emerging in and out. Suddenly the chorus kicks off, and suddenly you understand Late Night Legacy‘s live performance reputation, as Ryan blares out lyrics “of our time” with the sort of voice that would reverberate through music venues with excitement.

Although it is somewhat monotonous at times, this is not a typical ‘playing it safe’ second single, it is a passionate hit with catchy alternative-rock hooks and a bouncy blues undertone. With Ryan’s soulful voice and the band’s creativity that you can hear peeking through, once these guys grow in exposure, they’ll be able to go to full potential with their songwriting for sure.

Keep an eye out for Late Night Legacy‘s fresh release thus Sunday on their twitter and facebook

They also post cool stuff on youtube



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INTERVIEW. Fizzy Blood on tour with allusondrugs

Fizzy Blood have grown to be one of the best bands on our radar, after the Leeds boys reaped the rewards of their explosive debut EP, ‘Feast‘ (first recommended to us by thnksfrthrvw) and stole the show at Camden Rocks Festival earlier this month (live review here), it is clear that this is a band not ceasing to excel in creating hardcore rock ‘n’ roll magic anytime soon. We got to catch up with the lead guitarist, Paul Howells in between their gigs up and down the country with allusondrugs. Check it out.


How are you finding the tour with allusondrugs? Why is it your bands go so well together? 

The tour’s been amazing! We’re all just really weird and on a wavelength with each other and we’re genuinely fans of each other’s bands so it’s just a recipe for love really.

allusondrugs and Fizzy Blood really are a match made in heaven, check ’em out here

Have you seen a noticeable difference in gigs across the country? 

We’re always usually received a lot better up North being that we’re form there, but to be honest, the reception on this tour has been incredible in most places. Newport and Cheltenham aren’t exactly northern cities but the crowds were just really into it and having a great time, which made us have a great time in turn.

What’s your favourite track to play live?

We’ve been playing some new songs on this tour and I think collectively, those are our favourite as we haven’t toured them to death yet!

Fizzy Blood’s most recent single is ‘Sweet and Sulphur‘, listen here. We also got to hear the yet-to-be-released track ‘ADHD‘ live at Camden which was a highlight of their set.

What bands are you guys listening to at the moment?

Everyone should at least check out Demob Happy, Get Inuit, Floating Points, Anderson Paak, Frank Ocean, DTSQ and Dead Buttons.

Demob Happy and Get Inuit are also favourites of ours too, these guys really do have a myriad of differing influences.


Fizzy Blood are on facebook and twitter


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Well this band may be heavy but they are nowhere near being static. With the pop-punk style vocals and heavy rock guitar lines courtesy of front man, Christian Patrick, Heavy Static are undoubtedly an energetic band who are on a mission. You can hear the band’s varying 70s influences in their most recent track ‘Andromeda’ (link below). This track has one purpose, to serve as all you need to understand what Heavy Static are about, and to make up your mind, – whether it be the choice of love or hate.


We got the chance to be introduced to the Toronto boys, to hear their opinions on the current music industry in which they operate, and their obscure passions, most notably their love of 80s horror films. “To me, [they] are so pure in their campy-ness. I’ve always loved how they unintentionally captured something that most movies today try so hard to do on purpose” This inadvertent encompassment of concept and feelings is something that Heavy Static also find themselves doing in their music. “I think we have a sound that captures something many get wrong nowadays”.


So are this band the coolest on the block? Perhaps, perhaps not. “Nothing done on purpose is cool. Cool is a side effect of honesty and I think that we’re a very honest band. Take yourself too seriously and you open yourself up to being laughed at. We have a very serious exterior in terms of our artwork and videos etc., but underneath that veneer is just three guys having fun.” It must, at least at times, be challenging and off-putting to operate in a new world of music where image, coolness and reputation is just as, if not more important than an artist’s music. Is this is a progressive move forward? Or a step in the wrong direction? Heavy Static go with the latter, complaining that “there’s a lack of honesty and everything is overly intentional”. Front man, Patrick goes onto say it’s resulted in “something being missing from today’s music and a big reason why I barely listen to anything new now – It’s bullshit and boring”.


Give Heavy Static a listen and make your own mind up here:


Don’t forget to also connect with them on facebook