New Original Track – Disarming

Music is an undeniable passion, an ever-growing interest and a spectacular fascination of mine.

Aside from immersing myself into music from a consumer’s point of view through listening, watching, and reviewing, I also love songwriting and performing. I am inspired by a myriad of differing influences and always looking to progress as a musician.

You can listen to my new original song, Disarming,Β here.

It centres around the idea of knowing what is good for you and what is not. And when to admit and distance yourself from something that is not good for you, even if it seems like the most difficult choice of all.

This is a rough, sneak peak of my first single. The songwriting process has been so fun, and so personal to me. The process of recording and putting all of the different sounds together has also taught me a lot.

Written by Steph Baker and Simon Pitt, performed by Steph Baker.

All thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated!