SINGLE REVIEW. Slaughter Beach – ‘Glaze’


Danish trio, Slaughter Beach are steadily making a name for themselves across Europe. With a sold debut EP, ‘Love/Venice‘ being met with delight two years ago, the boys are back, with their biggest and boldest endevour yet.  

Opens with a psychadellic riff, brought down to earth with a low electro-bass line before immursing you into an intense dreamy state. The chorus is huge, with the sort of peculiar voice that would make for a memorable night at gigs and festivals. The undertones of imperfect youth that excude from the likes MGMT are pleasantly balanced out with levels of careless elation and freedom that create a sort of indie bliss.

Salughter Beach are a mysterious bunch to say the least, with singles popping up every now and then, and sporadic influences from both their homeland and the likes of Elliot Smith and Smashing Pumkins from America and the UK. ‘Glaze‘ is certainly a step up from their debut EP, but you still get the feeling from listening to it that this trio still have a few surprises up their sleeves, and we’re just going to have to wait for them. This is the sort of band that could explode on the alternative scene in no time, and this single shows that perfectly.



Listen to Slaughter Beach‘s massive new tune below:

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(Feature image: Third Outing)


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