INTRODUCING SAM WINSTON – The ultimate DIY artist with self produced album ‘The Fire & The Icicle’

Genre: Indie-folk pop


Sam Winston encompasses all meanings of the word ‘independent’ regarding his music. This South East London artist is building up his career one DIY milestone at a time. Not only has he written, arranged, recorded and produced ‘The Fire & The Icicle‘ all in his home-built studio, but he has done it well – an achievemt that is becoming quite hard to find these days. With self-taught expertise in many an instrument, this debut album is not just the typical solo acoustic guitar act that is becoming tireless now, we get to hear Sam play ukelele, kalimba (African thumb piano), mandolin and bass.  The album also features folk-pop melodies strummed from his own hand-crafted electro-acoustic guitar (what is this guy like?!).


The album starts off with the firey, energetic track ‘No November Like It‘, the type of song that could make for the perfect track to sing along to on a roadtrip  in the summer. Tracks such as ‘Reach You‘ and ‘Defenceless‘ showcase Sam’s ability to create a huge vocal sound and range, with self-matching harmonies and layers. Meanwhile, songs such as ‘Stand and Fight‘ and ‘The Bad Wolf‘ take a softer, more delicate style, with influences of Ben Howard shining through while bringing an original ‘Sam Winston’ jazzy undertone. ‘Who Decides?’ is a moment of self-realisation for Sam, where he questions everything and everyone around him, hopefully by the end of this album, he comes to realise how much hope and potential there is in him – Some hopeful light within the dark, just as the album artwork indicates.

Let the wonderful Sam Winston serenade you here:

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See him do his thing live at the following dates:

25 July – Charente Festival, Brossac France

27 August – Folk On The Dock Festival, Liverpool

23 October – Park Langley, Beckenham, Kent

All images: Courtesy of Sam Winston 

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SINGLE REVIEW. The Hunna – ‘Still Got Blood’

Genre – Indie-rock

Rating -★★★ 1/2

2016 has been a good year for Hertfordshire boys, The Hunna, with game-changing singles such as ‘You & Me‘ and ‘We Could Be‘ being dropped and a much-anticipated album, ‘100‘ coming soon (Out 26 August 2016). Considering the band only formed last year, their music has developed impressively fast, and this shows in their growing international fan-base.

This track opens with a heavy guitar riff that paves the way for front man Ryan Potter to wear his heart on his sleeve with emotive lyrics: “You say deep down the odds are against us but you feel way to good for me”. Still Got Blood‘ is about the relatable struggles of love, and the sacrifices and compromises involved in all that. It is this voice that gives the track a emotional sense of desperation, which is uplifted into a powerful, confident hit by heavy drums and the energetic distorted guitar sounds reminiscient of Catfish and The Bottlemen that this band are known for.

This is a track that would be the highlight of a live set, with the resounding hook “Still got blood” being exclaimed by the lead vocalist. The track also has a strategic pause of scilence part-way through which is followed by drums and bass drops that would be explosive on-stage.

The music video shows the group doing their own thing and touring around the UK. It even makes time for a few ammusing moments from the band members captured on camera. Check it out below:


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